Facilitating F-Word Conversations with Jeremy Dean [Podcast]

jeremy dean podcast Mar 17, 2023

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Emotions are messy — they’re big, powerful, and changeable. Facts and data are much more palatable — they’re truths and we can discuss our use of them.

But if an organisation is so focused on cognitive culture, they end up neglecting emotional culture. And that’s a sure path towards burnout, resentment, and employee turnover.

Cognitive culture is easy to default to, so how can organisations get comfortable with the discomfort of building a more emotional culture? Jeremy Dean has plenty of ideas — and a deck of cards to help any group navigate the process.

Find out about

  • Why we need to be brave to share our emotions at work — and why it’s worth the risk
  • How prioritising simplicity helps people get in touch with their emotions in unfamiliar spaces
  • What happens when we label our emotions with positive and negative language
  • How to facilitate daring conversations at work
  • Why we should celebrate the person who...
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[REGISTER] Wellington, NZ: ECD Emotional Leadership Workshop. In-person.

For Leaders who care about humanising the workplace.

"This workshop is a 'must do' for anyone in a leadership or People & Culture role. The beauty of it is in the simplicity of its execution; anyone can facilitate this with their teams. It is the 'Swiss army knife' of people and performance tools."

This half-day event is a must-have addition to your leadership development toolkit. Implement what you learn straight away, literally 'out of the box'. Come and have a play!

Come learn the most valuable skills, behaviours and more that leaders need to succeed.

Transform the way you:

  • Lead yourself
  • Lead your teams
  • Lead your stakeholders & clients

So many of us don’t have the tools to support the lasting changes we seek in our organisations or...

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The secret to a positive and productive team culture: Emotion Culture Crafting

emotional culture Feb 21, 2023

I recently stumbled across a summary of an upcoming research paper, "How Should We Feel?: Emotion Culture Crafting and its Influence on Team Process and Viability" written by Elizabeth Wolf, Jacob Levitt & Sigal Barsade, that examines the effects of Emotion Culture Crafting on team processes and viability. 

The paper defines Emotion Culture as "deep basic assumptions, values and norms a social unit has about which emotions they should – or should not – express as they work together." The research argues that emotion culture crafting, which is the process of proactively designing and adjusting emotional norms for a group, is beneficial for teams as it improves psychological safety, mood, engagement, teamwork and team viability.

The study was conducted with 133 four-person teams in a laboratory setting, with teams either engaging in emotion culture crafting or a control condition. Results showed that teams that engaged in emotion culture crafting...

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ECD Online Masterclass Registrations Open Now

Uncategorized Feb 06, 2023

Click here to register for our ECD Online Masterclass

Registrations are only open for two weeks – closing Feb 22.

Join The ECD Online Masterclass and learn how to build a strong emotional culture that leads to overall business success using The Emotional Culture Deck

ECD Masterclass Course Details:

  • Course Fee: 389 USD (includes The ECD Solo Pack Value 99 USD)
  • Course Start Date: 1st March
  • Course Access: You have 90-days of access to the Masterclass Course
  • Course Commitment: 4-5 hours of self-paced online video learning.
  • Course Syllabus: Download The Masterclass Course Syllabus – Click here >


Breaking the Mould: The Urgency of Embracing Emotions in the Workplace


As human beings, emotions play an integral role in our daily lives, both in and out of the workplace. Research shows that emotional culture can significantly impact the workplace, influencing factors such as job satisfaction, motivation, teamwork, productivity, and turnover. 


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ECD Online Masterclass Registrations Open Soon – Unleash Meaningful Conversations and Discussions

Unleash Meaningful Conversations and Discussions 

Most of us have worked for a leader who created an environment that made turning up to work miserable and a chore. You probably know someone who, or maybe you've even quit a job because of the manager or leader. The plague of the emotionally unaware leader is rife across the globe. So much of the poor leadership we experience is because leaders lack emotional self-awareness and fail to understand how their mood affects the people they lead. 

This phenomenon is known as Emotional contagion. Where one person's emotions directly influence those of others. “Emotions travel from person to person like a virus," says Wharton management professor Sigal Barsade, the pioneer of the field of research on the affective revolution, the study of how people and organisations are inevitably affected by the emotions of those around them.

Emotional contagion has a significant impact on the performance of a...

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The Final Word for 2022 – by Jeremy Dean, R&E Founder

final word jeremy dean Dec 19, 2022

From the outside looking in, The ECD is an unassuming deck of cards – a game to be played. But The Emotional Culture Deck has grown beyond the deck. The game symbolises something greater. 

The ECD has become a philosophy for how we work and live. It stands against leaders and individuals who treat others like a resource or data point. It stands against those who intentionally and unintentionally suppress people in their environments. It stands against top-down authority and leadership. It stands against exclusion.

Instead, The ECD stands for people being able to speak their truth. It stands for people being able to express themselves. It stands for connection. It stands for giving people space to be heard.

I believe wholeheartedly in our mission to humanise the workplace. More than ever, people need permission and the tools to express themselves and tap their emotions to challenge and shift behaviours.

But it's not possible to do this alone.

I've received hundreds and...

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September 2022 ECD Online Masterclass Graduations

ecd masterclass Dec 15, 2022

Congratulations to everyone for graduating from the September Cohort of our ECD Online Masterclass and becoming Qualified Practitioners, AKA Elephant Riders!

You have all consistently and generously shown up to put in the effort and grow over the past 90 days. We're so excited to see how you continue to humanise the places we work in the future.

We now have 1022 Elephant Riders in 37 countries around the world

Thank you for joining us, Elephant Riders! You are just at the beginning. As we continue to build the world's leading community of Emotional Culture Experts, we are thankful and inspired by your generosity and curiosity.

And a big thanks to our inspiring and dedicated team of Elephant Rider Mentors, Lotty Roberts, Steven Hargreaves and Lorissa Garcia, who have continued to experiment and push the limits of what is possible, sharing their insights generously with us as well as supporting the growth, connection, and development of other Elephant Riders in...

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The F-Word Magazine – 2022 Elephant Rider Year in Review

f-word magazine Dec 09, 2022

Welcome to The F Word Magazine – Elephant Rider Year In Review 2022. R&E's mission is to humanise the workplace by getting people talking. We flip the conversations leaders, and people can have around culture, performance, experiences, and wellbeing. We give leaders a simple, proven, structured, innovative way to emotionally connect with their teams. And we give people the language they need to make that happen.

Over the past three years, our Elephant Rider Community has grown to over 1000 riders in 37 countries. This year we are excited to share a selection of Elephant Rider Stories and ECD Bright Spots from within our Community.

The F-Word Magazine showcases ECD stories and bright spots that give readers an insight into our Elephant Rider Community and their work to humanise the places we work.

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Celebrating 1000 ECD Practitioners & Certified Consultants!

Today, our community officially reached 1,000 Elephant Riders. That means 1000 people have completed The Emotional Culture Deck Masterclass. 

We now have ECD Practitioners & ECD Certified Consultants in 36 countries around the globe . 

It's humbling to say you'll find Elephant Riders in: New Zealand, Australia, England, Canada, United States, Singapore, Switzerland, Columbia, Oman, UAE, Germany, Romania, Ireland, Netherlands, Croatia, Papua New Guinea, Scotland, India, South Africa, Portugal, Slovenia, Finland, Norway, Malaysia, Mauritius, Hungary, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Spain, Italy, Jordan, South Korea, France, Ghana, Hong Kong, and Philippines.

The ECD is so much more than a deck of cards. 

We've unexpectedly built a global community of the most human and empathetic leaders on the planet.

Thank you to every single one of our Elephant Riders for joining us on our mission to humanise the workplace.

All of you leapt into the unknown, faced your...

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Join The ECD Online Masterclass Waitlist

ecd masterclass Nov 28, 2022

Join our March ECD Online Masterclass.

Our next ECD Online Masterclass Cohort opens on March 1st, 2023. Join the waitlist now, so you don't miss out on a spot and our special BUY ONE, GIFT ONE early bird offer when registrations open. 

Click here to join the waitlist now >

Here's what some of our latest Masterclass Cohort have had to say about The Masterclass...

This course is the course to end all naysayers of emotions do not belong in the workplace. I have heard that statement for years the reality is we are all human beings and we are made of a variety of emotions we experience on a daily basis that can change from moment to moment, from each interaction we experience, this course gives us the opportunity to not only know ourselves better but also the ability to know others, to build trust and rapport with each other and build real understanding and practice empathy which creates genuine connections with people. It is all about humanizing the workplace because...

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