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Once you’ve completed The ECD Online Masterclass Course, mastery beckons. Our revised ECD Certification Pathway is now one amazing journey where you unlock seven distinct badges on your way to Master Elephant Rider status. With each badge, you gain more knowledge and skills to shape emotional culture, growing recognition of your knowledge and the ongoing support and resources of our wonderful ECD Community.

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 One continuous emotional journey. 

You'll quickly lift your game as a Certified Practitioner or Consultant. Your progression through Elephant Rider, Bronze, and Silver fosters growing proficiency and fluency with the ECD. As a culture professional, leader or coach, these first professional steps enable you to build on what you know and share your understanding and skill with others.

You're never alone

From the moment you receive your initial Elephant Rider badge, you’re part of our warm and insightful communities. These dynamic, global groupings bring people with a passion for the ECD together to meet, interact, post learnings and ask and answer questions. You can choose to be how involved you want to be, but you will always be welcome and there will always be opportunities to engage with, and learn alongside, experienced practitioners and consultants as you continue your journey. Being active in our communities will exponentially improve your success and bring new life, value and depth to how you master your emotions. 

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Our Black badge comes with an extra bonus

Our Black badge comes with an extra bonus. The pivot point in your professional journey is when you unlock your fourth badge – Black – and you gain Emotional Culture Club Membership. This final step as a Certified Practitioner completes the first half of your journey. ECC membership is the fastest way to learn how to apply The ECD and the quickest way to gain the most ECD knowledge.

Reap the rewards of being an
ECD Certified Consultant.


As a recognised expert in The ECD, our prestigious Consultant-level badges have been designed to meet the demands of those who have The ECD as part of their everyday professional practice, business or consulting. The nine month course to become a Certified Consultant immerses you through learning-by-doing in our ECD Consultant Frameworks and enables you to take fullest advantage of our upper echelon badges.

For the first time in your ECD journey, you’ll become authorised to deliver our exciting and pioneering ECD Qualified Leaders Workshops inside your client organisations. This invaluable addition to your ECD toolkit will enable you to deepen existing relationships and introduce whole teams to our ECD universe.

From Pro Elephant Rider, you can move through to our final two badges of mastery: Specialist and Master Elephant Rider. As you do so, you’ll unlock new rewards and new potential to re-humanise the places people work and live, enabling you to gain the very highest returns from your professional commitment.

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To embark on this exciting and emotional professional journey, complete our Online Masterclass Course and learn more about the Emotional Culture Deck world. Mastering the Course is the only way to unlock your first professional badge, Elephant Rider.

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