How do we create more meaning in our work?

prototype tools Dec 10, 2019

When we nudge our people to think about how their work helps others, we help them find greater meaning in their work. And to help our people find greater meaning in their work, we need to nudge them to think about how their work helps others. 

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Hurricanes Rugby Pre Season Emotional Culture Deck Workshops

Yesterday we took another leap forward on The Emotional Culture Deck journey with The Hurricanes Rugby squad.

It was such an honour taking this group of elite athletes through The Emotional Culture Deck. As a former professional athlete, I know how difficult it is to open up and talk about emotions and feelings in a team environment. But yesterday we broke the mould and had 40 male professional athletes explore what they want to feel and not feel this upcoming season.

The majority of conversations in teams, whether corporate or sports, revolves around cognitive culture and expected behaviours. But that's only half the conversation. Exploring desired and undesired emotions create connection, empathy and understanding.

Sport (and life) is by nature an emotional game. Elite sport and high performance are all about 'feeling' – both physical feelings like how the ball or bat feels in your hands. But also inner feelings. Our emotions and feelings govern how we perform on and off...

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#thecxdeckchallenge – Unlock The CX Deck Toolkit for free

We've designed The CX Deck Toolkit which has a bunch of bonus PDF resources and a workshop plan that complement The CX Deck.

To unlock The CX Deck Toolkit and get access to the resources we've designed, all you need to do is complete #thecxdeckchallenge. 

Your challenge is to play the game and define what you want your customers to feel and not feel and then share what you uncover on LinkedIn.

Click here to download #thecxdeckchallenge canvas and instructions.

The image above is an example of what you need to share on LinkedIn to unlock The CX Deck Toolkit


The CX Deck Toolkit currently comprises of five resources that'll give you further inspiration for using The Customer Experience Deck:

  1. CX Deck 'Moments that Matter' Canvas
  2. CX Deck Persona Canvas
  3. CX Deck Workshop Plan (for up to 15 people)
  4. CX Deck Steps 8&9 Worksheets
  5. Ful CX Deck Hi-Res PDF

Our goal is to keep adding to this toolkit as we create new resources and uncover new...

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Why Emotion Matters in Customer Experience

Chasing customer satisfaction has turned into an expensive, one-dimensional arms race. But there’s another way, an approach to engaging with people that’s more human and more profitable at the same time.  

You likely know the gospel about customer experience: that your organisation needs to be built around it in order to survive, or at least to grow organically. Following the lead of the most valuable company in the history of the world, everyone from retail stores to government departments are investing huge amounts of time, energy, and money in trying to optimise their end-to-end customer journeys. Every touchpoint comes under scrutiny. Vast analytic engines are deployed.   

This is not a bad thing. Customer experience is indeed foundational in a world where price and product are increasingly commoditised. But the investments are sometimes misdirected, for a tragically simple reason:  


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#thecxdeck successfully funded on Kickstarter

We feel incredibly humbled and grateful for all the support from all our backers and the team we worked with to successfully fund and launch The Customer Experience Deck on Kickstarter a couple of months ago (check out the campaign here).

Apart from all the people who backed the campaign – there are a few people we really want to thank for their help to bring The CX Deck to life.

Couch Kumara and Finn O'Connor are simply the easiest and most down to earth videographers going around, Chris Warne from ADNA breathed life and energy into The CX Deck through his audio brand work, Colin Rowsell from Man on Fire helped us articulate and voice our ideas. Bonnie Beattie captured Meritxell Gràcia's beautiful design which helped form the heart of this whole project!

We're not sure this project would have the same impact without all the work from these talented people.

We can't thank them all...

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The ROI of Emotional Culture Conversations

Steve Hargreaves has just completed the Emotional Culture Deck Certified Facilitator Training.

He's now officially a Pro Elephant Rider.

Over the past 12 months, Steve has run an astonishing 27 Emotional Culture Deck workshops.

He chats to us about how he approaches the conversation with potential cynics inside your organisation who want to know the ROI of investing in this conversation.

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An interview with St John UK Head of Learning & Development


Recently we chatted with Steven Hargreaves – Head of Learning & Development, St John UK and chatted about his experiences talking with people who are cynical about emotions at work and using The Emotional Culture Deck.

Steve attended The London Emotional Culture Deck Masterclass in June 2019. Since then, he's now facilitated over 27 workshops using The ECD and each time he's used it in a slightly different way.

Steve has also just graduated as our very first Pro Elephant Rider in the United Kingdom.

Hope you enjoy our conversation and the things we cover including:

  •  How The Emotional Culture Deck nudges psychological safety

  • Getting into the granular conversations about emotional motivations, drivers and blockers

  • Using The ECD as part of broader organisational workshops

  • What to do if you only have an hour – "we can still do some cool stuff with The ECD in an hour" 

  • Splitting ECD workshops into three sessions

  • How to capture ECD...

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Wellington Firebirds Cricket Team Pre Season Culture Training

It's a privilege to be invited back by the Wellington Firebirds year to help them run their 'pre-season culture training' sessions.

This time 11 years ago, I was starting my professional cricket career and involved in one of these pre-season culture sessions. It left an impression on me for all the wrong reasons.

Looking back, the intent was right. But unfortunately, it divided the team, isolated payers and created a culture of fear (especially for the younger players like me).

At the time, it was difficult to process what occurred, and the experience has stayed with me ever since. But I'm now glad I went through that experience. It has helped shaped my philosophy and the way I design and run team culture sessions – especially for sports teams.

Instead, we now focus on how we better connect people, players and teams. Through the use of #theemotionalculturedeck, we explore the role feeling and emotion plays at an individual level and then how it impacts the desired culture of...

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Are your people ready for change?

change leadership Sep 10, 2019

Six questions you need to ask yourself to find out if your people are ready for change:

  • Do your people believe that change is needed?

  • Do your people believe that change is appropriate?

  • Do your people believe there will be positive consequences for them through this change?

  • Do your people believe they can change?

  • Do your people believe that their leaders and managers are able to support them through this change?

  • Do your people feel interested, curious or joy when they think about this change?

If you can answer yes to every question, you're ready for a change. If you answer NO to any questions, design a way to turn that answer from a NO to a YES.

As a leader, you're in the business of people and change. You need to focus on both beliefs and emotions – you must cultivate positive emotions within your people. It’s not enough to just tell people why change is needed.

The questions above are based on the work of Professor Alannah Rafferty of the Griffith...

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So you want to actually feel something meaningful in your work?

Jeremy was invited onto the SuperNova Podcast to chat with Lena Ski about emotions in the workplace and the story behind The Emotional Culture Deck. Check out the interview below.

Click here to listen to the interview:

So, you want your work to actually mean something huh? Something meaningful. Something worth waking up for. Something worth staying awake for. Something worthy of your client's needs. Something special. The founder of riders&elephants Jeremy Dean gets you and has got your back - and there's a group of us willing to have that convo with HR. Here's proof that your work can feel like play and do something epic without having to change the whole world. And it sounds a little something like this.

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