From Play to Profound. The Science of Emotions at Work with Wharton.

Seriously scientific! We're at an inflexion point in the evolution of our community (and business). People who do serious science are seriously interested in our sanely simple game. So we're now bringing even more serious and comprehensive science to it.

On the surface, our game might not seem serious or even scientific. Even calling it a 'game' might lead people to believe that it's not serious. We're serious about it. We have over a thousand ECD Practitioners and Consultants around the planet who are serious about it. The impact of the tools and methodologies we use is serious. Now, other people who do serious science are also serious about what we're doing.

We feel ecstatic, proud, and humble to say we're partnering and collaborating with Michael Parke, Assistant Professor at Wharton Business School, to officially study the impact of affect labelling and The ECD at work. We...

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ALL-New ECD Tools to Shape Emotional Culture at Work

Hello, everyone! We're thrilled to announce something we've been working on that we believe will make it easier for more people to revolutionise the way they approach emotional culture in workplaces: the launch of our ECD Digital Download Tools.

Why We Created These ECD Tools for Download

In today's fast-paced world, the way we work is evolving rapidly, and so is the way we interact with each other. Over the past two years, we've seen the need for tools that make it easier for individuals and teams to navigate the emotional aspects of work life. That's why we created our ECD Digital Tools Collections.

Introducing the Collections:

You can buy just one tool if that’s all you need, or get a bundle if you want a set that works well together. Bundles are cheaper than buying the tools separately:

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The ECD's Role in Uniting a New Healthcare Team

When a new team comes together in healthcare, it's a bit like ducks landing on a pond – all at once, a bit messy, and everyone trying to find their space. That's precisely what happened with a small group of healthcare professionals who, despite being newly formed, needed to quickly gel and work effectively together. This blog post shares their experience using The Emotional Culture Deck to build connections, share stories, and develop a deeper understanding of each other.

Discovering the Power of Connection

During their workshop, connection emerged as a vital theme. Every team member ranked it in their top five values, underscoring its importance in their day-to-day interactions and overall team cohesion. But what stood out wasn't just acknowledging connection as a key value; it was the process of exploring what it truly meant to each person. Team members explored how they experience connection, why it matters in their roles, and what can happen when it's missing....

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A Game-Changer for Workplaces: How The Emotional Culture Deck Opened My Eyes

- This blog is written in the words of one of our latest Masterclass Graduates.

Ever thought about how much our feelings affect our workdays? Well, after joining The Emotional Culture Deck Masterclass, I've started to see things differently. Here’s a peek into what I learned and why it feels like a game-changer for anyone, especially if you’re into making your workplace a better place.

Real Talk About Our Feelings

"The biggest takeaway for me was learning about how our own emotional state can impact our interactions with others." This hit home for me. It's all about knowing what we're feeling and managing those vibes so we can get along better with the folks we work with.

Making Work Feel Safer

Hearing about "creating an emotionally safe workplace" was a lightbulb moment. We've all been in spots where sharing how we really feel can be scary. Making a place where everyone can speak up about their feelings without worry? That's the dream.

We're All in This Together

What I...

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Be the facilitator you always wanted to be

Bringing out your inner facilitator

People often tell us that facilitating scares them. They’re worried about controlling a room of people, or ensuring that those people get real value from their sessions.

The good news is that great facilitation is something many of us can learn. And the Online Masterclass Course is a great way to focus your facilitation skills to get the most out of the Deck for everyone involved.

Why it works – in their words

We get tons of feedback from people who’ve done the Online Masterclass Course about how it has helped them. If you’re wondering whether you’re going to get everything you need, please take a few minutes to read a small sampling of the comments we’ve received:

"I think at the beginning, I was having doubts and was anxious on how effective I would be, especially for my first sessions. The Course though emphasised practice and routine, and patience in failure in order to improve so, with that, I will just...

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Unleashing The Emotional Culture Deck: With Teams Facing Change

by Joanne Free-Pameli reposted from LinkedIn >

It was sometime during August of 2020 when I first encountered riders&elephants and completed the available ECD Online Masterclass. I was hooked.

As a Change Management practitioner for more than a decade by then; I was keen to find tools to help Change Leaders and their teams improve their alignment, collaboration, and the change ready culture within which they worked.

The Change Transformation program priorities I’d seen, time and time again were frequently on the project plan, scope, timeline, and budget with far less focus on how the project and change teams including leadership were functioning during the change programs delivery and, how the changed-future state was then transitioned to the “business as usual” team. It was often project, cost, timeline and whoever is part of it- just get it done.

I needed something that would help me build the essential recipe for any change...

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Transformative Insights: The Five Most Powerful Lessons from My Emotional Culture Journey – By Cathy Shepherd

Originally posted on LinkedIn here >>

Over the last six months I've been on a journey to become a Pro-Elephant Rider using the Emotional Culture Deck from riders&elephants. Working with Jeremy Dean with a select group of 11 others has been amazing. We've done a deep dive into using the Emotional Culture Deck cards in so many situations.

For those that don't know about the Emotional Culture Deck (the ECD), they are a set of cards, black and white, with 47 positive feeling cards, and 38 negative or more uncomfortable feeling cards on them. They can be used in so many ways - with individuals and teams - helping people to discover the incredible power of knowing and using emotions in workplaces. The ECD has a range of tools - handbooks and canvases developed to use with it, and this journey has introduced me to them all.

It's been a great journey as amazing workplace cultures are so important to me. It's something I've valued for a long time and it's become my...

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10 Spots left on March Cohort ECD Online Masterclass Waitlist

Start your journey to Mastery.

You can download The Emotional Culture Deck for free, and that will give you a taste of the potential of the #1 game in the world for better workplace culture. You can buy your own Deck and work with our sanely simple card game to explore, understand and map your emotions and those of your team or organisation. But to really make the most of The Emotional Culture Deck, enrol in our Online Masterclass Course and put yourself enroute to mastery.

You can reserve your place right now here »

See results immediately, feel ripples indefinitely

If you're looking to unlock your full emotional potential and/or create a more emotionally connected workplace, The ECD Online Masterclass Course strikes the perfect balance between lessons and actions to ensure an enjoyable and enriching learning experience:

  • Bite-sized videos explain The ECD in a structured and easy-to-follow way

  • Practical tools and tips aid facilitation, training, and organisational...

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Empowering the Leaders of Tomorrow: The ECD and the Whanake o te Kōpara Programme

Leadership doesn't happen overnight. It is nurtured, honed, and continuously developed. This is the ethos behind the Whanake o te Kōpara Programme—a comprehensive leadership development programme delivered by Women in Sport Aotearoa and Shift. Designed for young women aged 19-25, the programme is more than just a series of workshops and discussions. It's an investment in the leaders of tomorrow, specifically for a group that has often been overlooked: young women, particularly those involved in sport, active recreation, and wellbeing sectors in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Why It Matters

In a world increasingly cognisant of the need for strong, well-rounded leaders, the Whanake o te Kōpara Programme plays an instrumental role. It doesn't just aim to fill a professional skills gap; it strives to fill an emotional and mental one, too. Young women emerge from the programme with newfound skills, certainly, but also with an emotional intelligence that enriches not only their...

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The next step to Mastery: Stories from Our Newest ECD Certified Consultants

Congratulations to our eight newest ECD Certified Consultants! Celine Sugay-Costales, Andrea Hancox, Roz Duffy, Danny Kwan, Danielle Swain, Vanessa Murphy, Jenni Sandford-Nedoszytko and Mattison Grey.

Each of you has demonstrated tremendous dedication, resilience, and passion over these past nine months, finally achieving the coveted Pro Elephant Rider Badge. We couldn't be more thrilled to welcome you to this elite group of professionals.

Our ECD Certified Course is an intense, immersive, and transformative journey. It demands commitment and calls upon the courage to venture into new areas of knowledge and personal growth. These eight individuals have now equipped themselves with valuable skills and a profound understanding of The ECD, ready to help create more emotionally aware cultures, teams and leaders.

Reflecting on their journey, these are some inspiring words shared by our newest Pro Elephant Riders:

  • "Nine months of hard work. There were ups and...

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