The Profound Journey of The ECD Certified Consultant Course

From the moment you complete our ECD Masterclass Course and receive your initial Elephant Rider badge, you’re part of our warm and insightful communities. Elephant Riders (that's what we call the inspiring humans who become ECD Practitioners) are some of the most inspiring HR and Culture professionals, coaches, consultants, leaders, and managers on the planet. They each understand the power of unlocking and leveraging emotions in the workplace to create supportive and emotionally aware cultures and leaders. There are now over 1300 Elephant Riders in 42 countries.

A select few of these Elephant Riders have just completed an even more comprehensive and deep learning experience to fully embed The Emotional Culture Deck into their businesses, coaching, and leadership practices.

On March 1st, 10 inspiring leaders from within our community completed The ECD Certified Consultant Course and unlocked their Pro Elephant Rider Badges. Over the past nine...

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Unleashing The Emotional Culture Deck: With Teams Facing Change

by Joanne Free-Pameli reposted from LinkedIn >

It was sometime during August of 2020 when I first encountered riders&elephants and completed the available ECD Online Masterclass. I was hooked.

As a Change Management practitioner for more than a decade by then; I was keen to find tools to help Change Leaders and their teams improve their alignment, collaboration, and the change ready culture within which they worked.

The Change Transformation program priorities I’d seen, time and time again were frequently on the project plan, scope, timeline, and budget with far less focus on how the project and change teams including leadership were functioning during the change programs delivery and, how the changed-future state was then transitioned to the “business as usual” team. It was often project, cost, timeline and whoever is part of it- just get it done.

I needed something that would help me build the essential recipe for any change...

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Transformative Insights: The Five Most Powerful Lessons from My Emotional Culture Journey – By Cathy Shepherd

Originally posted on LinkedIn here >>

Over the last six months I've been on a journey to become a Pro-Elephant Rider using the Emotional Culture Deck from riders&elephants. Working with Jeremy Dean with a select group of 11 others has been amazing. We've done a deep dive into using the Emotional Culture Deck cards in so many situations.

For those that don't know about the Emotional Culture Deck (the ECD), they are a set of cards, black and white, with 47 positive feeling cards, and 38 negative or more uncomfortable feeling cards on them. They can be used in so many ways - with individuals and teams - helping people to discover the incredible power of knowing and using emotions in workplaces. The ECD has a range of tools - handbooks and canvases developed to use with it, and this journey has introduced me to them all.

It's been a great journey as amazing workplace cultures are so important to me. It's something I've valued for a long time and it's become my...

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The Emotional Ripple Effect by Kate Bacchus

Article reposted from Karte Bacchus Linkedin >>

I'm on a journey to become a Certified ECD Consultant, and part of that journey has been in the power of sharing the Emotional Culture Deck cards with leaders and unlocking the impact of crafting workplace cultures factoring emotions.

Over the last month, I've chatted with leaders in the NFP sector, the volunteering community, business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders of teams in corporate environments.

All these leaders are experts in their own fields and have similar and yet different needs for themselves and for their teams or stakeholders that they're working with.

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Playing with the ECD cards unlocked powerful conversations of self-awareness and reflection, and passion for how they want their people to feel, connect, and be motivated.

For me, I think about workplace culture as 'what we do and how we treat each other each day at work'. It's a combination of Emotions + Beliefs + Actions = Culture.

This means...

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