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Our global community of Elephant Riders is on a shared mission to re-humanise the places we work and live. Our community offers a stepped learning journey that enables you to apply emotional insights to your life, your client's workplace cultures, and even your coaching and consulting practice.

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Most importantly, in our Elephant Rider Community, you’re never alone. Throughout your journey with the Emotional Culture Deck, you can tap into our supportive Elephant Rider Community that enables you to share, learn, experiment and evolve your understanding of the Deck and how you can best use it to master the power of emotions.



Invest in yourself. Improve your expertise and lift your practice. Open up new learning pathways: culture, leadership and emotional development opportunities within our community. Being active in our community will exponentially improve your success rates if you're a coach or consultant. You'll acquire emotional superpowers that will bring new life, value and depth to how you lead or your coaching and consulting practice.




Through our community and the different applications of The ECD, you'll discover and learn together that individuals can change the world around them. Imagine a world where you can help the people you serve have better, more emotionally aware lives and experiences – where they feel acknowledged, accepted and free to state what is happening for them in the moment and beyond. If such a vision excites you, our community will support you on your journey to bring out new conversations.

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ECD Certified Consultants

ECD Certified Consultants shape better organisations and teams in any environment through the lens of emotional culture. They are trained in the art of our core Emotional Culture Deck Frameworks and ready and able to help others develop better leaders and cultures at organisational and team levels.

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ECD Qualified Practitioners

Join our Elephant Rider Community by completing our Emotional Culture Deck Masterclass. When you complete the Masterclass you become an ECD Qualified Practitioner and receive your Elephant Rider Badge. 

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What our community says:

"It's the genuinely deep conversations that people have and how quick people are to open up and share things."

- Mel Howell

"Absolutely one of the best things you'll ever do."

- Sally Duxfield

"If it sparks your curiosity, you honestly won't regret it. It's a game you can use in so many ways. Which is what makes it so simple, deep and profound."

-Tash Pieterse

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