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Sharing experiences through our communities

Perhaps the greatest reward for those choosing to engage more deeply with our ECD is the opportunity to join our communities. These highly supportive networks offer everyone the chance to learn more, play better and glean the greatest benefits from the Deck. United by our shared mission to re-humanise the places we work and live, our Elephant Rider communities enable you to apply emotional culture insights to your own life, to workplace cultures and to your coaching and consulting practice.

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Available throughout your journey

Organised as communities of practice, our communities have evolved into dynamic, global groupings where people meet, interact, share learnings and answer questions. These communities become available from when you graduate our ECD Online Masterclass Course. Then, as you make your way to mastery, more opportunities to engage with, and learn alongside, experienced practitioners become available.

The key to our communities

Completing The ECD Online Masterclass Course gives you access to so much more of The Emotional Culture Deck Universe. Having mastered the foundational elements, you become an ECD Practitioner and unlock your Elephant Rider badge. This is the first step on our ECD Professional Certification Pathway, and you now have access to our communities. Don’t miss out. Experience the sense of welcome and support for yourself.

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You’re never alone

Throughout your journey with The Emotional Culture Deck, you can tap into a supportive Elephant Rider Community. Being active in our communities will also exponentially improve your success and bring new life, value and depth to how you master your emotions.

Share what you know

We all have different ways of using The Emotional Culture Deck. If you find a way to tap into its potential that others haven’t seen yet, take the opportunity to share that and earn their respect and thanks. Likewise, if someone shares a problem that you’ve already solved, jumping in and helping them out enhances your reputation and can make a powerful difference for another community member.

Three reasons to join


Practice makes perfect(ish)

As with all well-organised communities of practice, the focus is practical. Through joining up with others, you'll also discover and learn the different applications of The ECD together and experience for yourself how individuals can - and do - change the world around them every day. Interact directly with others who *get it* and who are also looking to make the most of The ECD. You’ll access the generous resources communities share to support you on your journey and hear from fellow practitioners about their experiences and discoveries.


The very real rewards of belonging

Over 1200 people have completed the ECD Online Masterclass Course to date. Most of those people are active community members – meaning you have access to an extraordinary pool of working knowledge. We regularly hear from community members how much they enjoy sharing stories and receiving positive feedback and suggestions from others in a community. Our communities also mean you have an active network to turn to – fast-tracking access to information and further deepening trust, relationships and collaboration. Sharing your own learnings and experiences then builds your networks and reinforces your presence alongside others.


Bring out new conversations

Imagine a world where you can help people have better, more emotionally aware lives and experiences – where they feel acknowledged, accepted and free to state what is happening for them in the moment and beyond. If such a vision excites you, our communities are here to support you on your journey to bring out new conversations.

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Complete The ECD Masterclass to join our Elephant Rider Community.

Our Online Masterclass Course is the first step in becoming one of our globally recognised Elephant Riders. Over 1200 people have completed this Course. Become an Emotional Culture Deck Certified Practitioner and join our global Elephant Rider Community when you graduate. From there, choose to become an Emotional Culture Club Member and/or begin your next level of training to become a Certified Consultant.

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What our community says:

"It's the genuinely deep conversations that people have and how quick people are to open up and share things."

- Mel Howell

"Absolutely one of the best things you'll ever do."

- Sally Duxfield

"If it sparks your curiosity, you honestly won't regret it. It's a game you can use in so many ways. Which is what makes it so simple, deep and profound."

-Tash Pieterse

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