A Game-Changer for Workplaces: How The Emotional Culture Deck Opened My Eyes

- This blog is written in the words of one of our latest Masterclass Graduates.

Ever thought about how much our feelings affect our workdays? Well, after joining The Emotional Culture Deck Masterclass, I've started to see things differently. Here’s a peek into what I learned and why it feels like a game-changer for anyone, especially if you’re into making your workplace a better place.

Real Talk About Our Feelings

"The biggest takeaway for me was learning about how our own emotional state can impact our interactions with others." This hit home for me. It's all about knowing what we're feeling and managing those vibes so we can get along better with the folks we work with.

Making Work Feel Safer

Hearing about "creating an emotionally safe workplace" was a lightbulb moment. We've all been in spots where sharing how we really feel can be scary. Making a place where everyone can speak up about their feelings without worry? That's the dream.

We're All in This Together

What I...

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Top 10 Emotion Myths at Work - Debunked!

ecd masterclass emotions Feb 12, 2024

In these final moments, before we close registration, let’s address some crucial misunderstandings about emotions in the workplace Debunking these myths is at the heart of what our Masterclass will cover, providing you with the insights and tools to lead more effectively.

Myth 1: Emotions have no place in the workplace.

Myth 2: You shouldn't talk about your negative emotions.

Myth 3: Focusing on emotions reduces productivity.

Myth 4: Emotions make you appear a weak leader.

Myth 5: Professionalism means...

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Celebrating the Success of Our New Elephant Rider Community Members! 🎉

ecd masterclass Jun 01, 2023

We're thrilled to announce and celebrate the outstanding achievements of over 130 individuals who have recently graduated as ECD Qualified Practitioners from the transformative ECD Online Masterclass!

With utmost pride, we congratulate each and every one of you. You fearlessly stepped outside your comfort zones and embraced this challenge with open arms. It is with great pleasure that we welcome you into our Elephant Rider Community!

To our newest Elephant Riders, this is just the beginning. As we continue to shape the world's first community of Emotional Culture Crafters, we express our deepest gratitude for your curiosity and contributions. 

Your diverse backgrounds and expertise are invaluable assets to our growing community. Together, we can create a profound impact by inspiring and emboldening people to express themselves and rehumanising the places we work.

For those who are inspired by the achievements of our Elephant Riders, we invite you to embark on...

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ECD Masterclass Waitlist Open!

Attention, passionate team builders!

Are you tired of witnessing teams struggle to cultivate a cohesive and inspiring culture? Do you find yourself navigating through a maze of disjointed efforts, unsure of how to truly connect and engage team members? As a coach or consultant, you understand the critical role that team culture plays in driving success and fulfilment. But finding the right tools and approaches to create a meaningful impact can be a daunting task. That's why we're excited to introduce you to a transformative solution that will revolutionise your approach to team building: The ECD Online Masterclass.

Introducing the ECD Online Masterclass Course, your guiding light in building a thriving emotional culture within your team. It's time to unlock the potential of your team and foster an environment where everyone can thrive.

In this immersive online course, you'll delve into The Emotional Culture Deck (ECD) and its associated tools, equipping yourself with practical...

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ECD Online Masterclass Registrations Open Soon – Unleash Meaningful Conversations and Discussions

Unleash Meaningful Conversations and Discussions 

Most of us have worked for a leader who created an environment that made turning up to work miserable and a chore. You probably know someone who, or maybe you've even quit a job because of the manager or leader. The plague of the emotionally unaware leader is rife across the globe. So much of the poor leadership we experience is because leaders lack emotional self-awareness and fail to understand how their mood affects the people they lead. 

This phenomenon is known as Emotional contagion. Where one person's emotions directly influence those of others. “Emotions travel from person to person like a virus," says Wharton management professor Sigal Barsade, the pioneer of the field of research on the affective revolution, the study of how people and organisations are inevitably affected by the emotions of those around them.

Emotional contagion has a significant impact on the performance of a...

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September 2022 ECD Online Masterclass Graduations

ecd masterclass Dec 15, 2022

Congratulations to everyone for graduating from the September Cohort of our ECD Online Masterclass and becoming Qualified Practitioners, AKA Elephant Riders!

You have all consistently and generously shown up to put in the effort and grow over the past 90 days. We're so excited to see how you continue to humanise the places we work in the future.

We now have 1022 Elephant Riders in 37 countries around the world

Thank you for joining us, Elephant Riders! You are just at the beginning. As we continue to build the world's leading community of Emotional Culture Experts, we are thankful and inspired by your generosity and curiosity.

And a big thanks to our inspiring and dedicated team of Elephant Rider Mentors, Lotty Roberts, Steven Hargreaves and Lorissa Garcia, who have continued to experiment and push the limits of what is possible, sharing their insights generously with us as well as supporting the growth, connection, and development of other Elephant Riders in...

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Join The ECD Online Masterclass Waitlist

ecd masterclass Nov 28, 2022

Join our March ECD Online Masterclass.

Our next ECD Online Masterclass Cohort opens on March 1st, 2023. Join the waitlist now, so you don't miss out on a spot and our special BUY ONE, GIFT ONE early bird offer when registrations open. 

Click here to join the waitlist now >

Here's what some of our latest Masterclass Cohort have had to say about The Masterclass...

This course is the course to end all naysayers of emotions do not belong in the workplace. I have heard that statement for years the reality is we are all human beings and we are made of a variety of emotions we experience on a daily basis that can change from moment to moment, from each interaction we experience, this course gives us the opportunity to not only know ourselves better but also the ability to know others, to build trust and rapport with each other and build real understanding and practice empathy which creates genuine connections with people. It is all about humanizing the workplace because...

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The Emotional Culture Deck Masterclasses – March 2021 Highlights

We feel fortunate and privileged here in New Zealand to be in a position to gather in person for events like our ECD Masterclasses. 
In March we ran Masterclasses in Auckland and Wellington. We're grateful for the community of Elephant Riders we're building and proud of all the latest leaders who've joined us on our mission to humanise the workplace.
If you'd like to join us, you can learn more here: https://www.ridersandelephants.com/ecd-masterclass
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Wellington & Auckland In-person ECD Masterclasses – Enrol now


Enrolments are now open for our Wellington & Auckland Emotional Culture Deck Masterclasses – March 16 & 18.

Click here to learn more and enrol today!

I've poured my heart and soul over the past five years into The Emotional Culture Deck. After running over 15 of these live In-Person Masterclasses around the world, I know the difference this course can make in your work and life.

That's why I created this course - so people could get real training that helps them develop as a leader and a human being.

The most humbling thing is that we now have 396 people worldwide in over 21 countries who have completed our ECD Masterclass course and become an official #elephantrider. When you complete the course, we invite you to join this global community of human and empathetic leaders!

I feel incredibly fortunate that we're in a position to run in-person events like this. So can't wait to get back in the room with those who want to come on the journey.

Hope to see you on the...

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