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At riders&elephants we pride ourselves on designing uniquely simple yet powerful tools and games to shift culture and customer experiences.

We make simple, human and empathetic games to help leaders unleash emotions at work. Over the past four years, riders&elephants has expanded into more than 41 countries. Our products and tools are used by over 100,000 people inside organisations like KPMG, Netflix, IBM, Fisher & Paykel, Xero, and IAG. 

The Emotional Culture Deck

The #1 game in the world for a better workplace culture

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The Customer Experience Deck

A beautifully simple tool for better customer experience

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Who uses our tools

Over 100,000 people in 40+ countries around the world use our games and resources. The Emotional Culture Deck and The Customer Experience Deck are used by some of the biggest and most inspiring organisations on the planet. 

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Who we are

Our mission is to humanise the workplace. We design and build the worlds most simple, human and empathetic games to help leaders unleash emotions at work. We believe to make an impact on your world you need to understand how to shift people's behaviours. It's part science, part creativity. Where most organisations complicate simple things, we simplify complex things. 

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The ECD Online Masterclass Course

Master the Emotional Culture Deck and deliver the ultimate human-centred workshops that will engage even the most cynical participants. And then go even further and drive real lasting change using The ECD and be recognised for making an impact that matters. Over 450 people have completed our ECD Masterclass Course in the past 24 months. Join this global community of leaders today and become an Emotional Culture Deck Practitioner aka Elephant Rider.

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Become an Elephant Rider Partner

Join our global community of like-minded leaders aka Elephant Riders. To become an official ECD Practitioner you need to complete our ECD Online Masterclass Course. 

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Because it's always been done that way is the reason we question it. We understand human behaviour to shift human behaviour. We help people see their world differently.

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