Onboarding Success: Transform Your Organisation's Onboarding Experience with The ECD.

ecd ecd activity Mar 29, 2023

The Emotional Culture Deck can be used to stimulate meaningful discussions among leaders. Asking the question, "How do you want people to feel and not feel when they join your organisation?" can profoundly impact defining an effective onboarding strategy.

Here's why this question is so powerful:

  1. Encourages empathy: By asking this question, leaders are prompted to put themselves in the shoes of new employees, fostering an empathetic mindset. They'll start to appreciate the emotional needs of their people and create a welcoming onboarding process that caters to those needs.

  2. Prioritises emotional well-being: This question makes it clear that emotions count in our workplace. It underscores the importance of emotional well-being. Leaders who understand the significance of emotional well-being are more likely to create a positive work environment that supports employee engagement and satisfaction.

  3. Clarifies expectations: The question encourages leaders to...

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