Choosing the Right Deck: Navigating Individual Wellbeing vs. Team Culture

Navigating the intricacies of organisational culture and individual wellbeing often raises numerous questions. A frequently asked question that we get asked is,

"I've recently purchased both the Wellbeing Deck and the Emotional Culture Deck. I'd love to know your thoughts on when to use one set over the other." 

Whether you're centred on personal health or keen to enhance team dynamics, discerning the optimal scenarios for each deck can be pivotal. The Wellbeing Deck and The Emotional Culture Deck are powerful tools designed to address organisational health and individual wellness.

The answer to these types of questions is always "it depends." It depends on what you're trying to achieve. What problem you're trying to solve? Why are you injecting these tools into your teams and organisation?

But here's a breakdown to guide you when you might opt for one over the other:

  1. Purpose & Focus:

    • Wellbeing Deck: Use this when your primary goal is to address...
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