A Game-Changer for Workplaces: How The Emotional Culture Deck Opened My Eyes

- This blog is written in the words of one of our latest Masterclass Graduates.

Ever thought about how much our feelings affect our workdays? Well, after joining The Emotional Culture Deck Masterclass, I've started to see things differently. Here’s a peek into what I learned and why it feels like a game-changer for anyone, especially if you’re into making your workplace a better place.

Real Talk About Our Feelings

"The biggest takeaway for me was learning about how our own emotional state can impact our interactions with others." This hit home for me. It's all about knowing what we're feeling and managing those vibes so we can get along better with the folks we work with.

Making Work Feel Safer

Hearing about "creating an emotionally safe workplace" was a lightbulb moment. We've all been in spots where sharing how we really feel can be scary. Making a place where everyone can speak up about their feelings without worry? That's the dream.

We're All in This Together

What I loved learning was that shaping the emotional culture isn’t just on the bosses; it’s on us too. "It really takes a collective effort to create an environment where emotions are valued and managed effectively." Everyone’s part of the team, and everyone’s feelings count.

A Look in the Mirror

Going through The ECD made me take a hard look at myself. "The emotional culture deck helped me understand my own emotional preferences," I realised. It’s not just about knowing what makes me tick but also how that plays into my role, especially in HR. 

So, What’s the Big Deal?

This whole journey with The ECD Masterclass has been a bit of an eye-opener. It’s made me see how much our emotions are woven into our work life and how we can all play a part in making our workplaces feel a bit more human.

Feeling inspired to shake things up at your work? "The workshop and its objective and purpose hit close to home for me," and it might just do the same for you. Why not give The Emotional Culture Deck a go and see how it can change the game at your workplace too? Download The Emotional Culture Deck and start your journey towards a better workplace today.


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