Wellington Firebirds Cricket Team Pre Season Culture Training

It's a privilege to be invited back by the Wellington Firebirds year to help them run their 'pre-season culture training' sessions.

This time 11 years ago, I was starting my professional cricket career and involved in one of these pre-season culture sessions. It left an impression on me for all the wrong reasons.

Looking back, the intent was right. But unfortunately, it divided the team, isolated payers and created a culture of fear (especially for the younger players like me).

At the time, it was difficult to process what occurred, and the experience has stayed with me ever since. But I'm now glad I went through that experience. It has helped shaped my philosophy and the way I design and run team culture sessions – especially for sports teams.

Instead, we now focus on how we better connect people, players and teams. Through the use of #theemotionalculturedeck, we explore the role feeling and emotion plays at an individual level and then how it impacts the desired culture of...

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Are your people ready for change?

change leadership Sep 10, 2019

Six questions you need to ask yourself to find out if your people are ready for change:

  • Do your people believe that change is needed?

  • Do your people believe that change is appropriate?

  • Do your people believe there will be positive consequences for them through this change?

  • Do your people believe they can change?

  • Do your people believe that their leaders and managers are able to support them through this change?

  • Do your people feel interested, curious or joy when they think about this change?

If you can answer yes to every question, you're ready for a change. If you answer NO to any questions, design a way to turn that answer from a NO to a YES.

As a leader, you're in the business of people and change. You need to focus on both beliefs and emotions – you must cultivate positive emotions within your people. It’s not enough to just tell people why change is needed.

The questions above are based on the work of Professor Alannah Rafferty of the Griffith...

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So you want to actually feel something meaningful in your work?

Jeremy was invited onto the SuperNova Podcast to chat with Lena Ski about emotions in the workplace and the story behind The Emotional Culture Deck. Check out the interview below.

Click here to listen to the interview: https://soundcloud.com/the_supernova_podcast/064so-you-want-to-actually-feel-something-meaningful-in-your-work

So, you want your work to actually mean something huh? Something meaningful. Something worth waking up for. Something worth staying awake for. Something worthy of your client's needs. Something special. The founder of riders&elephants Jeremy Dean gets you and has got your back - and there's a group of us willing to have that convo with HR. Here's proof that your work can feel like play and do something epic without having to change the whole world. And it sounds a little something like this.

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Finding emotional motivators using jobs-to-be-done customer interviews by Hostile Sheep

The following article was written by Jordan Julien, Founder of Hostile Sheep, User Experience and User Research consultancy in Toronto, Canada.

I got early access to the Customer Experience Deck from Jeremy Dean. After remixing his deck with the Hostile Sheep approach to Jobs-to-be-done, I supported his Kickstarter and got 5 decks.

The big news: I completed two studies using the new approach and it's fantastic.

Those familiar with JTBD know how rational the whole process is. Customers understand rational, logical questions. They're great at telling rational, logical stories. The problem is uncovering emotional needs or desired emotional states. We all know emotion plays a major role in hiring (or firing) products.

The Customer Experience Deck has been instrumental in uncovering these emotional needs and desires. It's been a fantastic tool when conducting customer interviews, so I wanted to share how Hostile Sheep has used it.

I’ve been a huge...

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Pre Season Culture Training with Wellington Blaze Cricket Team

Imagine starting a pre-season campaign by coming together as a team to define how you want your environment to feel and not feel this season! I was blown away again by how open and vulnerable players are with each other when going through The Emotional Culture Deck process.

Although we originally designed the ECD to be used in a corporate or business environment, it turns out that it is equally applicable in a sports team environment – because a sports team is made up of human beings, just like a business or corporate team.

Most sports teams completely neglect this conversation about how we should, or should not be feeling within our team environment. Teams tend to focus solely on shared values and behaviours yet skip the most human part of a team’s culture – the #emotionalculture of a team.

Watch this space for more updates on this pre season culture journey.

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The Culture Guy podcast interview

Thanks to The Culture Guy aka Benjamin Drury in the UK, for inviting Jeremy onto his podcast to chat about The Emotional Culture Deck amongst other things we're doing in the culture space at riders&elephants.

Listen to our interview here: https://thecultureguy.co.uk/podcast/004/

  1. Welcome – 1:00
  2. The Emotional Culture Deck – 4:40
  3. The Customer Experience Deck – 10:50
  4. It’s All History – 17:45
  5. Companies doing the stuff – 27:50
  6. Netflix Culture Deck – 31:40
  7. Lion Brewery Flexible Working – 33:05
  8. Autonomy and Flexibility – 34:30
  9. Check this out – Resources – 36:00
  10. Finishing up – 40:00

Show Notes

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Canteen and riders&elephants team

How the Emotional Culture Deck helped the youth leadership team from the CanTeen’s Hawkes Bay branch

Young people don’t expect to come face to face with cancer, but they do. Cancer is terrifying for anyone, but for a young person already dealing with what life is throwing at you, cancer – your own or that of a family member – is an unexpected curveball.  Dedicated to supporting young people 13-24 come to grips with the emotional and practical toll of cancer, CanTeen gets it.

Screen Shot 2020-04-26 at 7.50.38 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-04-26 at 7.50.47 PM.png

Earlier this year during one of the Hawke’s Bay branch’s leadership meetings, CanTeen Youth Support Coordinator Kerrie Waby added an agenda item: How to help young people emotionally open and discuss what they felt when they were first diagnosed with cancer.

The opportunity to support CanTeen had come about after meeting with Anthony Gouder from the Hawkes Bay Regional Council during the previous month. Anthony had signed up to test one...

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