Emotional Culture Deck Online Masterclass 

Online Self-Paced Course
START DATE: October 1st, 2021*
TIME: 4-5 Hours
Complete at your own pace
PRICE: Regular price of 389 USD
PARTICIPANTS: Limited 100 spaces

*We only run the Online Masterclass Course 2 times per year. You get 90-day access to all course video lessons from the date the course opens. 


The #1 game in the world for better workplace culture 

Master the Emotional Culture Deck and deliver the ultimate human-centred workshops that will engage even the most cynical participants. And then go even further and drive real lasting change using The ECD and be recognised for making an impact that matters. Over 300 people have completed this Online Masterclass Course. Join them today and become an Emotional Culture Deck Practitioner aka Elephant Rider.


Master The Emotional Culture Deck

Jeremy spent five years developing the Emotional Culture Deck workshop with teams at Xero, New Zealand Rugby, Panasonic, Westpac, Kiwibank and IAG.

His live Masterclasses have sold out in Sydney, Melbourne, Chicago, New York, London, Auckland, Wellington and Toronto. But not everyone can make it to a masterclass in person. Over 300 people enrolled in the ECD Online Masterclass Course in 2020.

People working with the deck are always asking how they can deliver the most possible value to their clients and teams. How they can stand out from the crowd. So we put Jeremy’s knowledge to work - several years and thousands of hours’ worth of development and practice, built off hundreds of workshops - and created this online masterclass.

Now you can have all that knowledge and tools at your fingertips, from wherever you are in the world!

What you get access to in the Online Masterclass 

The Emotional Culture Deck

You'll receive one Emotional Culture Deck (value 99 USD). The course is designed to be a hands-on learning experience. So you'll use the cards to complete certain steps within the course. This will reinforce what you learn and give you more confidence with the game.

ECD Starter Kit

You get perpetual access to The ECD Starter Toolkit, which includes more than 12 PDF tools, and workshop plans to help you create and deliver a variety of different workshops. Plus you also get The Emotional Culture Deck PDF so you can print and make your own deck at home.

11 core Video Lessons
(plus bonus tip videos)

You will be guided through 11 video lessons as if you're taking part of our live Masterclass, including dozens of extra tips and tricks to help you run the most engaging and memorable workshops your teams will ever experience.

Online Masterclass Gatherings

You're invited to three live Masterclass Gatherings. Here you can interact with Jeremy and the other ECD adopters and Elephant Riders, ask questions, and share ideas together in the monthly Gatherings. Come connect with Jeremy and take part in the QnA and play with the ECD alongside other Masterclass participants worldwide.


A Beautifully Simple Card Game For A More Human And Empathetic Workplace

Most people underestimate the influence emotion has on the culture of their teams. People focus on values and behaviours and ignore emotions at work. 

The Emotional Culture Deck is a simple yet powerful and flexible tool for creating face-to-face conversations about culture and leadership within any organisation or team. It will help you drive bottom-up change in your teams.

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Get on the waitlist! Spaces limited.

The Online Masterclass Course is only opening twice in 2021 – March and October – and there's a limited number of people who can join each course. So get on the waitlist and FIRST to get the chance to enrol for the next Online Masterclass Course. 

Gain ECD Practitioner Status and get the Elephant Rider Badge

When you complete The Emotional Culture Deck Online Masterclass Course you'll beocme an Emotional Culture Deck Practitioner and become an official Elephant Rider! You'll join our global community of over 300 Elephant Riders in more than 15 countries around the world. 

Learn about Elephant Riders here

Frequently Asked Masterclass Course Questions

Richard Gilhooly, General Manager People, Safety & Wellbeing

"The Emotional Culture Deck is a  powerful way to make empathy a key part of how you deliver success."

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Melissa Cantell, Chief Operating Officer

"I had some very experienced people telling me that it was the most meaningful leadership conversation they've had in their career, so that's pretty cool."

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Derri Evan, Agile Coach

"The results have been incredible. I have managed to help my squads become an even more high performing and connected team."

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