Emotional Leadership Ep 2: Mary Cording, National Manger People & Culture


Mary Cording is the National Manager of People & Culture at Ospri.

Learn from Mary about why harnessing emotions at work makes such an impact on their work.

As an organisation, Ospri people are able to talk and connect in a completely different way.

They bring their whole selves to work, they don't shy away from difficult conversations.


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Master Elephant Rider – Lotty Roberts

“Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason, mastery demands all of a person.” – Albert Einstein

Lotty Roberts achieved her goal of becoming the world's first Master Elephant Rider last week after completing an almost three-year journey with The Emotional Culture Deck and riders&elephants.

I first met Lotty when she flew up to Auckland to attend our ECD Masterclass in Auckland on 9th May 2019. As of today, she has conducted over 65 ECD workshops with teams internationally. 

It is simply amazing how much dedication and strength Lotty has put into her work using The ECD.

The change you have inspired with the ECD is profound. 

It may never be possible for you to truly understand the breadth and depth of your impact helping people find the words to express themselves at work, at home, at school and with the people they care deeply about. It's beyond measurable. Yet I know that doesn't...

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Why better questions might be the key to better culture.

Why can't we keep a list of questions that are common "around here" just like how we keep a list of beliefs, values, and behaviors? 
Since I've worked in culture and leadership, it's always been this way. The people I look up to, the people I admire, the people I read about, talk about culture in a very cognitive fashion. They focus mainly on the cognitive purpose, vision, values, behaviours. This journey that I've been on with The Emotional Culture Deck and riders&elephants is flipping that and saying there's another conversation we need to have.

Emotional culture is how we are feeling or should be feeling at work. This includes the emotions we express on a daily basis and the emotions that are suppressed in our organization and teams.

The more I work in the cultural space, the more I realize there is another piece missing - questions.
"Better culture starts with better conversations," said Gustavo Razetti. That got me thinking. Better listening leads to...
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riders&elephants 1:2:1 Newsletter – January Edition

Check out our January Edition of the riders&elephants 1:2:1 Newsletter from our Founder Jeremy Dean.

It's your ultimate monthly guide to more human workplaces. This broadcast goes out to over 18,000 other leaders like you around the world who are interested in simple ways to humanise the workplace.

Click here to read more >

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Emotional Leadership Episode 1 – Jim Dryburgh, NZ Defence Force

Jim Dryburgh unlocks the power of emotions to better understand his people and the human condition. Making people feel safe, supported and empowered.

Welcome to Emotional Leadership by Jim Dryburgh, Chief of Staff at NZ Defence Force. Jim is an ECD Certified Consultant aka Pro Elephant Rider.

Learn from him all about his approach to leadership and the role emotion plays in high-performing teams.

Watch the full 9min episode here. It's packed full of surprising and powerful leadership gems:

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Emotional Leadership – Season 2 Elephant Rider Insights


There's a myth that work and emotions don't mix. That we need to check them at the door. Lots of leaders suppress feelings or avoid expressing them. We're gonna flip workplace conversations and show you how embracing emotions as a leader will change the way you lead.

There is no one way to exercise leadership. But emotion is critical. Because emotion helps you understand who you are working with. It also helps you build relationships with your people based on who they are – not who you are. 

Emotional leadership involves:

  • Awareness of the importance of emotions – both yours and our peoples' – acknowledging the impact of them on the individual and collective impact they have on the team. Using that emotional awareness and understanding to positively shape the culture of the team – deliberately and intentionally.
  • Understanding your people, where they are emotionally and being able to help them manage the unpleasant...
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School Sports Team Culture Training Programme – Free Download

Sports coaches and school leaders can use the Emotional Culture Deck to foster an emotion-driven culture and increase young people's emotional and social development.

Click here to download this programme > 

Even though this program is about school sports teams, you can hack it and use it for any group of people within a school environment: a group of musical students, a group of performing arts students, a group of teachers. Even a classroom can use this to define their culture.

We've seen first-hand how this game can help young people with social-emotional learning. But there are a lot of barriers keeping schools and community groups from having this discussion. 

We feel it's our duty to use our platform and skills to help as many young people, schools and community groups as we can around the world.   


This programme is free for anyone who works in a school as a teacher, coach, administrator, volunteer or community leader or works with...

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Imagine This – Jeremy Dean interview with Jehan Casinader


Our founder, Jeremy was invited to be part of Imagine This, a podcast about creative people who have started from their garages and kitchen tables, and built businesses that are making an impact. 

Leading New Zealand journalist Jehan Casinader explores the Wellington business landscape in conversation with industry leaders, innovators and change-makers.

Hear all about the journey he's been on to bring this wild dream to life, where he's at now and where he's heading next. 

Check out more of this amazing Imagine This series here: https://www.wellingtonnz.com/imagine-this

Imagine this presented by

In 2020, Jehan Casinader was named “Broadcast Reporter of the Year” at the Voyager Media Awards for his extensive coverage of the Christchurch terror attack. In 2018, he was named “Reporter of the Year” at the New Zealand Television Awards. 

Jehan has worked in the fast-past world of primetime TV for more than a decade. Most...

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ECD Most Valuable Plays with Cam Mitchell

Learn from Cricket Wellington CEO, Cam Mitchell, about his approach to emotional leadership and how ECD adopters and Practitioners can get the most out of the game when working with CEOs.


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Lessons from the ECD Game Maker – Jeremy

Here's what you might not have known about The ECD. Go behind the scenes with Jeremy as he shares some of his latest insights and lessons from using The Emotional Culture Deck over the past two years. 

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