Embracing Emotions: The Heart of Change in Leadership

change Jan 27, 2024

Leading a team through change isn’t just about the strategy; it’s about understanding the emotions that come with it. It's important to focus on feelings because they can seriously affect how well a team moves through change. How often have you heard that "we need to keep our emotions out if it!" This archaic and outdated model of leadership overlooks the fundamentals of human behaviour. Instead you MUST pay attention to feelings, both yours and everyone else's.

In a recent HBR article about Storytelling That Drives Bold Change, Frances X. Frei and Anne Morriss listed the 10 Underrated Emotions in Change Narratives that we often overlook but can be incredibly influential when leading through change:

  • Frustration: Can drive us to find better solutions.
  • Regret: Reminds us to learn from the past.
  • Enthusiasm: Fuels our energy and commitment.
  • Devotion: Deepens our connection to the mission.
  • Happiness: Builds resilience and a positive culture.
  • Discomfort:...
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Unleashing The Emotional Culture Deck: With Teams Facing Change

by Joanne Free-Pameli reposted from LinkedIn >

It was sometime during August of 2020 when I first encountered riders&elephants and completed the available ECD Online Masterclass. I was hooked.

As a Change Management practitioner for more than a decade by then; I was keen to find tools to help Change Leaders and their teams improve their alignment, collaboration, and the change ready culture within which they worked.

The Change Transformation program priorities I’d seen, time and time again were frequently on the project plan, scope, timeline, and budget with far less focus on how the project and change teams including leadership were functioning during the change programs delivery and, how the changed-future state was then transitioned to the “business as usual” team. It was often project, cost, timeline and whoever is part of it- just get it done.

I needed something that would help me build the essential recipe for any change...

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Change and the F-word. How to navigate emotional change.

change Apr 18, 2022

Check out the highlights of our ECD Conversation with Master Elephant Rider, Lotty Roberts, about how to navigate emotional change in the workplace. Learn how you can use the Emotional Culture Deck to guide your change journey.

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