A Huge Congratulations to Our First ECD Emotional Change Mastery Course Graduates!

change courses May 03, 2024

Yesterday in Wellington, these 14 inspiring individuals came together to learn how to lead with emotion during times of change. 

The emotional side of change is so often underestimated, overlooked, or ignored altogether. We obsess over models of change when we should focus on the emotions our people experience through change. But emotions matter more than models. Or, another way to put it is that models don’t work unless you understand and help shape the emotions of the people in them.

Thank you to these remarkable leaders for embracing this journey and helping reshape how we approach and lead people through change in the workplace!

How can I attend this Course?

Our ECD Certified Consultants will be delivering these in-person around the world in the future. We'll also Click here to learn more about the Workshop. Our global team of independent ECD Certified Consultants are trained and certified to bring The Emotional Culture Deck into your organisation and teams....

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