Change Leadership Workshop for KPMG Enterprise


“Change is not a decision of the mind but of the heart”

We recently designed an Emotional Culture Deck change leadership workshop for 60 KPMG Enterprise leaders here in New Zealand.

Eva Perrone, Innovation Manager at KPMG Private Enterprise shares just how well The Emotional Culture Deck was received at a change leadership workshop with 60 KPMG leaders from around New Zealand.

“The workshop not only opened up communication channels but provided connection and created a safe space for deep and meaningful conversations. Following the two hour session, KPMG leaders were eager and ready to take the cards back to use with their own teams and clients (and some already have!).

Eva is looking forward to continuing her journey with ‘riders & elephants’ as the company integrates the deck and associated tools into their everyday work.

The team is now going to focus on how they can all upskill and reap the benefits that come from pouring energy into the...

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Are your people ready for change?

change leadership Sep 10, 2019

Six questions you need to ask yourself to find out if your people are ready for change:

  • Do your people believe that change is needed?

  • Do your people believe that change is appropriate?

  • Do your people believe there will be positive consequences for them through this change?

  • Do your people believe they can change?

  • Do your people believe that their leaders and managers are able to support them through this change?

  • Do your people feel interested, curious or joy when they think about this change?

If you can answer yes to every question, you're ready for a change. If you answer NO to any questions, design a way to turn that answer from a NO to a YES.

As a leader, you're in the business of people and change. You need to focus on both beliefs and emotions – you must cultivate positive emotions within your people. It’s not enough to just tell people why change is needed.

The questions above are based on the work of Professor Alannah Rafferty of the Griffith...

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