Top 10 Emotion Myths at Work - Debunked!

In these final moments, before we close registration, let’s address some crucial misunderstandings about emotions in the workplace Debunking these myths is at the heart of what our Masterclass will cover, providing you with the insights and tools to lead more effectively.

Myth 1: Emotions have no place in the workplace.

Myth 2: You shouldn't talk about your negative emotions.

Myth 3: Focusing on emotions reduces productivity.

Myth 4: Emotions make you appear a weak leader.

Myth 5: Professionalism means keeping emotions out of decisions.

Myth 7: Emotional intelligence is only about managing negative emotions.

Myth 8: Emotional culture is the responsibility of HR, not leadership.

Myth 9: Artificial intelligence and Emotional intelligence are incompatible.

Myth 10: Emotions can't be measured.

Embracing emotional intelligence and crafting emotional culture is essential for modern leadership. Ready to transform your workplace or consulting/coaching business? Our most recent graduate – who completed the Masterclass even before it officially begins, said this on Friday after completing the Course:

"There's just so much to unpack after going through the ECD Online Masterclass Course. The ECD is a great tool, simple yet powerful, and versatile for various settings. As an HR professional, empowering a team to own their feelings, creating a collaborative action plan for the work culture they desire, and providing actionable insights on how to create productive and positive work environments has always been a top priority. The ECD can definitely help me and my colleagues achieve this goal."
– Fredelina Francesca Pascua-dela Pasion.

We hope you'll join us and achieve your goals, too!

See results immediately. Feel ripples indefinitely.

You can download The Emotional Culture Deck for free, and that will give you a taste of the potential of the #1 game in the world for better workplace culture. You can buy your own Deck and work with our sanely simple card game to explore, understand and map your emotions and those of your team or organisation. But to really make the most of The Emotional Culture Deck, enrol in our Online Masterclass Course and put yourself en route to emotional culture mastery. Join here now >


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