Unveiling Soon. Lead with Heart: Discover the Impact of ECD Professional Growth Collections

Uncategorized Mar 04, 2024

In today's fast-paced and ever-changing work environment, the need for emotional intelligence and empathetic leadership has never been more pronounced. At R&E, we recognise the pivotal role emotions play in shaping workplace culture and leadership effectiveness. That's why we're thrilled to announce an upcoming range of resources designed to cultivate these critical aspects within your organisation: The ECD Professional Growth Collections.

What We Aim to Help You Achieve:

Our mission is to help you foster a workplace where emotional awareness is not just recognised but celebrated. The ECD Professional Growth Collections are tailored to empower you and your team to:

  • Enhance self-awareness and personal growth.
  • Build resilient and emotionally intelligent teams.
  • Develop empathetic and inspiring leaders.
  • Navigate change with confidence and compassion.
  • Forge deeper, more meaningful stakeholder relationships.

What We're Launching:

The collections we're introducing encompass five core...

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A Game-Changer for Workplaces: How The Emotional Culture Deck Opened My Eyes

- This blog is written in the words of one of our latest Masterclass Graduates.

Ever thought about how much our feelings affect our workdays? Well, after joining The Emotional Culture Deck Masterclass, I've started to see things differently. Here’s a peek into what I learned and why it feels like a game-changer for anyone, especially if you’re into making your workplace a better place.

Real Talk About Our Feelings

"The biggest takeaway for me was learning about how our own emotional state can impact our interactions with others." This hit home for me. It's all about knowing what we're feeling and managing those vibes so we can get along better with the folks we work with.

Making Work Feel Safer

Hearing about "creating an emotionally safe workplace" was a lightbulb moment. We've all been in spots where sharing how we really feel can be scary. Making a place where everyone can speak up about their feelings without worry? That's the dream.

We're All in This Together

What I...

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Top 10 Emotion Myths at Work - Debunked!

ecd masterclass emotions Feb 12, 2024

In these final moments, before we close registration, let’s address some crucial misunderstandings about emotions in the workplace Debunking these myths is at the heart of what our Masterclass will cover, providing you with the insights and tools to lead more effectively.

Myth 1: Emotions have no place in the workplace.

Myth 2: You shouldn't talk about your negative emotions.

Myth 3: Focusing on emotions reduces productivity.

Myth 4: Emotions make you appear a weak leader.

Myth 5: Professionalism means...

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Last Chance. The ECD Online Masterclass Closes Soon.

Uncategorized Feb 05, 2024

Unlock the Potential of The Emotional Culture Deck.

Embark on a journey to master the #1 game in the world for enhancing workplace culture. While The Emotional Culture Deck offers a glimpse into the transformative power of emotional intelligence in the workplace, our Online Masterclass Course propels you towards mastery.

This course is a powerful catalyst for immediate and lasting change in your consulting or coaching practice or organisation.

Enrol now >

Transformative Learning Experience

Dive into a meticulously crafted curriculum that balances insightful lessons with actionable strategies. Our Online Masterclass features:

  • Bite-Sized Lessons: Engaging video content that breaks down The Emotional Culture Deck in an accessible manner.
  • Practical Tools: Gain facilitation, training, and development insights to apply The Emotional Culture Deck effectively within your team or organisation.
  • Real-World Impact: Explore case studies showcasing The Emotional Culture Deck’s...
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Embracing Emotions: The Heart of Change in Leadership

change Jan 27, 2024

Leading a team through change isn’t just about the strategy; it’s about understanding the emotions that come with it. It's important to focus on feelings because they can seriously affect how well a team moves through change. How often have you heard that "we need to keep our emotions out if it!" This archaic and outdated model of leadership overlooks the fundamentals of human behaviour. Instead you MUST pay attention to feelings, both yours and everyone else's.

In a recent HBR article about Storytelling That Drives Bold Change, Frances X. Frei and Anne Morriss listed the 10 Underrated Emotions in Change Narratives that we often overlook but can be incredibly influential when leading through change:

  • Frustration: Can drive us to find better solutions.
  • Regret: Reminds us to learn from the past.
  • Enthusiasm: Fuels our energy and commitment.
  • Devotion: Deepens our connection to the mission.
  • Happiness: Builds resilience and a positive culture.
  • Discomfort:...
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Breaking the Silence: How Voicing Negative Emotions Transforms the Workplace with Professor Michael Parke

emotions@work research Jan 24, 2024

In a recent interview with R&E Founder Jeremy Dean, Professor Michael Parke from the Wharton School provided some fascinating insights into the role of emotions in the workplace. His thoughts offer a refreshing perspective on how emotions, often considered a workplace taboo, can actually be a force for good in fostering creativity, teamwork, and overall employee well-being.

Here are the key takeaways from the conversation.

1. The Power of Affect Labeling

Parke emphasised the importance of 'affect labelling', a process of articulating negative emotions at work. "When people are able to voice things like frustration or anxiety... it can actually be seen as credible and help managers understand and address the underlying issues," he stated. This approach challenges the traditional notion of keeping negative emotions under wraps and highlights how acknowledging them can lead to constructive outcomes.

2. Creating an Authentic Emotion Climate

Another significant insight was the need...

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Be the facilitator you always wanted to be

Bringing out your inner facilitator

People often tell us that facilitating scares them. They’re worried about controlling a room of people, or ensuring that those people get real value from their sessions.

The good news is that great facilitation is something many of us can learn. And the Online Masterclass Course is a great way to focus your facilitation skills to get the most out of the Deck for everyone involved.

Why it works – in their words

We get tons of feedback from people who’ve done the Online Masterclass Course about how it has helped them. If you’re wondering whether you’re going to get everything you need, please take a few minutes to read a small sampling of the comments we’ve received:

"I think at the beginning, I was having doubts and was anxious on how effective I would be, especially for my first sessions. The Course though emphasised practice and routine, and patience in failure in order to improve so, with that, I will just...

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Unleashing The Emotional Culture Deck: With Teams Facing Change

by Joanne Free-Pameli reposted from LinkedIn >

It was sometime during August of 2020 when I first encountered riders&elephants and completed the available ECD Online Masterclass. I was hooked.

As a Change Management practitioner for more than a decade by then; I was keen to find tools to help Change Leaders and their teams improve their alignment, collaboration, and the change ready culture within which they worked.

The Change Transformation program priorities I’d seen, time and time again were frequently on the project plan, scope, timeline, and budget with far less focus on how the project and change teams including leadership were functioning during the change programs delivery and, how the changed-future state was then transitioned to the “business as usual” team. It was often project, cost, timeline and whoever is part of it- just get it done.

I needed something that would help me build the essential recipe for any change...

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Anna Clayton's Inspiring Journey to Specialist Elephant Rider Status

Uncategorized Dec 21, 2023

We’re thrilled to announce Anna Clayton's remarkable achievement in becoming a Specialist Elephant Rider! We feel proud and grateful for Anna’s incredible contributions to our Community over the past 18 months. Her infectious presence and relentless focus on placing the human at the core of her work are inspiring. Read more below about her journey to becoming our newest Specialist Elephant Rider.

We asked Anna about her three biggest lessons along the path to becoming a Specialist Elephant Rider, and she said:

“There are A LOT of emotions out there! I have learnt so much about individual emotions and as a result I have increased my emotional granularity. This has made me a better communicator and connector.

“Anyone can (and eventually will) talk about emotions. There were times I was nervous about facilitating with some teams or individuals as they were often quite 'closed'. I found out that although someone may appear closed they often...

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The F-Word Magazine - 2023 Edition | Elephant Rider Community Year in Review

At the start of 2023, we set out to make everything we do 5% better. We wanted to slow the pace down a bit in the R&E Lab and hurry a bit more slowly. But as I sit here at the end of 2023 and look back on the year, I chuckle to myself. Wow, what a year it's been.

As I read the pages in this magazine below, I feel immensely proud, joyful, grateful, humble, and a little overwhelmed. This beautiful magazine showcases how much our Community and the people within it have grown. There was more ECD activity than we've seen before – thanks to the inspiring, generous, and thoughtful contributions of hundreds of Elephant Riders in our new Community Platform.

This year, our Elephant Rider Community grew to over 1200 people across 43 countries. We ran two ECD Online Masterclasses and welcomed 200 new Elephant Riders into our Community. Ten inspiring humans unlocked their Pro Elephant Rider Badges and became ECD Certified Consultants. Five Elephant Riders moved onto Specialist...

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