The Profound Journey of The ECD Certified Consultant Course

From the moment you complete our ECD Masterclass Course and receive your initial Elephant Rider badge, you’re part of our warm and insightful communities. Elephant Riders (that's what we call the inspiring humans who become ECD Practitioners) are some of the most inspiring HR and Culture professionals, coaches, consultants, leaders, and managers on the planet. They each understand the power of unlocking and leveraging emotions in the workplace to create supportive and emotionally aware cultures and leaders. There are now over 1300 Elephant Riders in 42 countries.

A select few of these Elephant Riders have just completed an even more comprehensive and deep learning experience to fully embed The Emotional Culture Deck into their businesses, coaching, and leadership practices.

On March 1st, 10 inspiring leaders from within our community completed The ECD Certified Consultant Course and unlocked their Pro Elephant Rider Badges. Over the past nine months, a remarkable journey unfolded for these graduates. This cohort, a diverse group of dedicated professionals, embarked on a transformative path that not only honed their professional skills but deeply enriched their human development. Together, they've completed an impressive array of activities: 55 self-mastery exercises, 44 one-on-one sessions with leaders, and 33 team workshops across various themes, including Culture Crafting, Emotional Leadership, Navigating Change, and Stakeholder Relationship Building. Moreover, they hosted a total of 22 Emotional Culture Deck Meetups, sharing their newfound expertise and toolkits with people across six countries. Below is their story, the power of this Course and the lessons they learned about themselves and the people they lead.

The Leap to Leading with Emotion. 

Embarking on this learning journey, participants often anticipate gaining new insights into leadership, emotional intelligence, and organisational culture. But what they don't always expect is the profound personal and professional transformation that unfolds. This journey is not just about learning a tool but about discovering unexpected depths within themselves and their ability to influence others. Here are the surprising revelations that define the ECD experience:

Personal Transformation Beyond Professional Development

The ECD Certified Consultant Course is not just a professional milestone; it's a catalyst for human development. Many began the Course with the goal of enhancing their leadership and culture skills, only to find themselves on a path of deep self-discovery and growth. "I’ve changed more in the last 12 months than I did in the previous 12 years," highlighting the unexpected personal journey that accompanies professional learning. At the end of this 9-month journey. Clare Reid reflected, “I would say that this will be one of those most profound learning journeys of your life - and if you open yourself up to all of the experiences and possibilities, this journey will completely change how you look at yourself and others.”

The Power of Community

While the concept of community is often touted in professional courses, the depth of connection and support the Consultant Course community is extraordinary. The course fosters a powerful sense of community and support among its participants. Dr. Nada Hussain Al Moosa shared her experience, "The power of the ECD community; always reminds me of the quote: 'For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack'." This highlights the immensely valuable network and collective wisdom you'll be part of, enhancing your learning and growth.

Versatility and Adaptability of The Emotional Culture Deck

Graduates were consistently amazed by The ECD’s versatility across various settings and scenarios. "I’ve used it in so many different settings, each time amazed at its versatility," shared Katherine Riddoch. Whether you are a consultant, coach, or manager, The ECD adapts to meet your needs and those of your organisation or clients.

Depth of The ECD Consultant Frameworks

The Course offered an unexpectedly comprehensive exploration of ECD Consultant Frameworks. Beyond a surface-level understanding of emotional culture, participants explored the nuances of emotions, their impact on behaviour, and their role in creating empathetic and effective culture, leadership. stakeholder experiences and business building. This deep dive enriches participants' perspectives, empowering them to foster more emotionally intelligent environments wherever they go.

Continuous Evolution and Learning

What surprised people is the course's role in fostering continuous evolution and learning. The ECD becomes a lifelong tool for personal and professional growth, with the journey of discovery and self-improvement extending far beyond the course's conclusion. This ongoing nature of learning is a revelation to many, who find that "The more you use it, the more you learn and grow."

Transformative Impact on Leadership

Finally, the transformative effect on leadership and management practices surpasses expectations. Our graduates found their entire approach to culture and leadership revolutionised, not just through new strategies but by redefining what effective, empathetic, emotion-led leadership entails. This shift is profound, touching on aspects of leadership that many had not considered before begining this Course.


Stories from our recent Graduates

  • Rebecca Holliday insightfully shares the correlation between team emotions and service quality, emphasizing the need for emotional understanding within teams to enhance customer experience.

  • Kristian Colegate marvels at the openness people exhibit towards emotional discussions with proper encouragement, underlining the vast spectrum of emotional awareness that can be harnessed for organisational growth.

  • Kirsty Allott celebrates the disarming nature of The ECD, noting its effectiveness in fostering deep, meaningful dialogues that catalyze positive change and emotional connection within teams.

  • Christina Porter underscores the necessity of addressing emotional aspects during times of uncertainty and change, highlighting the role of The ECD in building resilience and cohesiveness within teams.

  • Katherine Riddoch shares the significance of accurately naming feelings for better understanding and response, the importance of intentional positivity, the necessity of kindness and self-compassion in personal growth, and the power of self-reflection.

  • Dr Nada Al Moosa tells a tale of embracing growth through community strength, fostering kind and humble support networks.

  • Clare Reid describes how The ECD journey can profoundly change one’s perspective on self and others, offering a life-altering learning experience.

  • Kate Bacchus reflects on using ECD as a catalyst for conversations, highlighting its flexibility and encouragement for self-awareness.

  • Cathy Sheppard reveals how ECD facilitates authentic, accessible discussions about emotions, opening up creative and bespoke avenues for connection.

  • Joanne Free-Pameli explores the balance between self-led learning and community support, illustrating ECD's transformative impact on personal and professional life.

Their stories underscore a shared commitment to fostering environments where emotional understanding and empathy are at the forefront, paving the way for a future where leadership and cultures are emotionally aware and connected. These experiences are just a glimpse into the transformative power of The Emotional Culture Deck, revealing its impact on creating more emotionally aware leaders and teams.

Flipping How the World Feels

The combined efforts of our recent graduates have touched the lives of countless individuals and organisations, fostering environments where emotions are acknowledged, understood, and valued. This journey has underscored the importance of emotional culture in the workplace and beyond, proving that when individuals come together to learn and grow, the impact can be profound and far-reaching. As we celebrate the accomplishments of these graduates, we also look forward to the ripple effects of their work. The ECD Certified Consultant Course is not just about creating ECD Consultants; it's about building a community of leaders who understand the transformative power of emotional culture. This cohort has laid the groundwork for a future where workplaces are not just productive but also empathetic, and deeply human.

Want to join us?

The ECD Certified Consultant Course is more than a professional development experience; it's a journey of unexpected discovery, growth, and transformation. It challenges leaders to look beyond the conventional, exploring the depths of emotional intelligence, community, and leadership. For those ready to embark on this journey, the course promises not just to meet but to exceed your expectations, revealing the unexpected power of emotional culture in both personal and professional realms.

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