The Lasting Impact of The Emotional Culture Deck in Healthcare

Revisiting a Pivotal ECD Milestone

A few years ago, we shared an inspiring case study about Mel Wallhurst's experience with The Emotional Culture Deck at what was then known as the Southern District Health Board in New Zealand. Today, we revisit this story to underscore the enduring impact of The ECD, particularly in the demanding context of healthcare. Her story is not just about strategic implementation but about passion, empathy, and the drive to make a tangible difference in the workplace.

Mel's approach to utilising The ECD is deeply personal and highly strategic, focusing on identifying what is within one's sphere of influence and pinpointing opportunities for positive cultural shifts. Her adept application of the deck across different team stages – from the initial forming of a group to their peak performing phase – showcases her nuanced understanding of team dynamics and her commitment to nurturing growth at every level.

As we look back, the...

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