The F-Word Magazine - 2023 Edition | Elephant Rider Community Year in Review

At the start of 2023, we set out to make everything we do 5% better. We wanted to slow the pace down a bit in the R&E Lab and hurry a bit more slowly. But as I sit here at the end of 2023 and look back on the year, I chuckle to myself. Wow, what a year it's been.

As I read the pages in this magazine below, I feel immensely proud, joyful, grateful, humble, and a little overwhelmed. This beautiful magazine showcases how much our Community and the people within it have grown. There was more ECD activity than we've seen before – thanks to the inspiring, generous, and thoughtful contributions of hundreds of Elephant Riders in our new Community Platform.

This year, our Elephant Rider Community grew to over 1200 people across 43 countries. We ran two ECD Online Masterclasses and welcomed 200 new Elephant Riders into our Community. Ten inspiring humans unlocked their Pro Elephant Rider Badges and became ECD Certified Consultants. Five Elephant Riders moved onto Specialist...

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