ECD Te reo Edition Prototype


We're excited to share our ECD Te reo Edition Prototype with you all. 

Click here to download The ECD Te reo Edition Prototype.

This is not the finished artefact. But it's the beginning of something we hope will evolve as we get more feedback from people who test it and use it with their people.

 People have asked who we worked with on this translation. 

The translation was done in partnership with Ocean Design and Te Kaitaupua / Māori Design Consultant Anthony Tipene-Matua (Rangitane, Kahungunu, Kai Tahu).

When you use and test this prototype, please keep these things in mind:

1. At this stage we have only translated the feeling cards of our game. We're still exploring how we translate more parts of the game.

2. Not every English emotion word has a Te Reo equivalent. So, in many cases, we tried to use a word that captures the spirit. People will have different opinions about what's the best label. This is a good thing and we welcome any feedback and advice you may have.

2. Through the testing, we've learned that different regions of Aotearoa have a different Te reo dialect. People in different regions may prefer different labels to the ones we used. That's okay. People can revise the translation we shared for you. Feel free to change this game to fit your people. Use this opportunity to create an even richer and deeper conversation about emotions, Te reo and English.

Let us know what you think about the game. Let's keep learning about how people play and how they'd improve this ECD Te reo Edition.

Have fun,
– Team R&E


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