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Welcome to another edition of our monthly 1:2:1 broadcast by Jeremy Dean founder of R&E. Your ultimate monthly guide to more human & successful workplaces.

This broadcast goes out to you and over 20,000 other leaders like you around the world who are interested in simple ways to humanise the workplace.

In your April 1:2:1:

  • 1 ECD Prototype: ECD Family Canvas
  • 2 pieces of content to inspire – Science of Being Stuck & Stop Framing Wellness Programs Around Self-Care.
  • 1 tool worth testing: How we feel App
  • ECDTV: Change & The F-word. Navigating Emotional Change.

R&E News

ECDTV: Change and the F-word. How to navigate emotional change.

Learn from Master Elephant Rider, Lotty Roberts about how to navigate emotional change in the workplace using the Emotional Culture Deck to guide your change journey.

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ECD Te reo Edition Prototype

Click here to download The ECD Te reo Edition Prototype (simply download The ECD and you'll be given the option to download the ECD Te re Edition in a follow-up email).

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Online Masterclass Waitlist

Our ECD Online Masterclass March Cohort is well underway. If you'd like to join the September Cohort – join the waitlist now so you don't miss out on a spot and our early bird offer when registrations open. 

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1 ECD Prototype 


We've teamed up with Emma-Kate Woodham, from The Brain Garden Trust to design a prototype ECD canvas to help guardians and children come together as a family and express what they need to be at their best. Check out the prototype canvas we've designed here.

2 Pieces of Content To Inspire

Here are two bits of content that I hope will help you see the world in a slightly different way. To provoke you to do the work that matters to humanise the workplace. Hope you enjoy.


1. The Science of Stuck - Britt Frank

Feeling stuck? Can't build momentum to escape all the loops keeping you from moving forward? Our guest in this episode is professor, author, therapist, and speaker Britt Frank, a trauma specialist who treats people with a unique and powerful set of techniques and approaches which, taken together, helps clients to get out of the feeling of being STUCK.

In the show, we nerd out with Britt about how hard it is to be a person, and though this interview is supposed to be about her new book - "The Science of Stuck, Breaking Through Inertia to Find your Path Forward - at least of half of this interview turned out to be was wide-ranging conversation chasing down many nested tangents about everything from procrastination to somatic markers to trauma to the multitudes of the self and more.

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2. Stop Framing Wellness Programs Around Self-Care
by Michelle A. Barton, Bill Kahn, Sally Maitlis, and Kathleen M. Sutcliffe

What if we shifted our focus from self-care to other-care (aka caring for others around us).

“The very wellness efforts that organizations create, with their slate of classes and mobile apps, can become subtle forms of abandonment in the guise of support.”

That’s why all our R&E games are designed to be played together with others. To connect, relate, listen, share with others.

“The solution (to mental health and well-being challenges including stress, anxiety, burnout and other forms of distress) requires a totally different approach to workplace suffering.

Rather than focusing on self-care, we need to be better at taking care of each other.

This begins by framing employee distress as a collective rather than individual problem. It then entails creating and fostering what we call “relational pauses.” This approach allows organizations to build more substantive and enduring foundations for genuine well-being and, ultimately, operational effectiveness.”

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1 Tool Worth Testing


How We Feel is a free app created by scientists, designers, engineers, and therapists to help everyone better understand their own emotions. Conceived in conjunction with Yale University's Center for Emotional Intelligence and based on the work of Dr Marc Brackett, How We Feel helps you find the right word to describe how you feel, track your emotions and spot patterns over time, and find strategies to help you use your emotions in the moment.

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Community Blogs

Why Emotions Matter in the Workplace – Kristin Murray

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Emotions matter. Prove me wrong – Kayleigh Woodings

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Why Emotions Matter in My Workplace – Matthew Conger

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What I learnt about Emotions At Work – Dr Jess Tayel

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Emotional Leadership = Head + Heart – Denise Hartley Wilkins

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Something I've been pondering...

Status is a fundamental driver of human behaviour. But status is so much more than attaining power or being liked or accepted. When people defer to us, and offer respect, admiration or praise it feels good. That is status. And the cherry on top. It turns out people's wellbeing consistently depends on the degree to which such people felt respected by others.

Upcoming Events

Well-being Deck Meetup – June 1, 2022

Meetups are 90-minute virtual events where we get to meet each other and learn from each other. So you're always meeting new people who adopt and use The Wellbeing Deck.

Our team will invite two leaders to along as guest presenters. One leader who uses the Wellbeing Deck as part of their practice and work will share their bright spot stories and insights from using the game. The second guest presenter will be an expert or specialist in wellbeing and share their wellbeing story, insights and lessons with us all.

Open to all | Register here >

Elephant Rider Meetup – July 19, 2022

Elephant Rider Meetups are 90-minute virtual events where we get to meet each other and learn from each other. So you're always meeting new Elephant Riders.

We invite two leaders (usually Elephant Riders) to share their Emotional Culture Deck experiences and bright spots stories. These leaders each have an inspiring story to tell about how they have used the deck with different groups of people of different sizes.

We're opening our Global Elephant Rider Gathering to the public. Register now >

ECD Online Masterclass – September, 2022

People working with the deck are always asking how they can deliver the most possible value to their clients and teams. How they can stand out from the crowd. So we put Jeremy’s knowledge to work - several years and thousands of hours’ worth of development and practice, built off hundreds of workshops - and created this online masterclass.

We only open the Online Masterclass Course twice a year. March & September. 

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New ways. New ideas. New answers. New perspectives.

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