How we humanise the workplace – ThriveTV Interview with Jeremy

Here’s what Jeremy discussed in his conversation with Lauren Parsons on her ThriveTV Show: 

  • The back story to The Emotional Culture Deck 
  • The benefits of embracing emotions at work
  • Why people want to talk about emotions but don’t know how
  • The upside of articulating unpleasant emotions 
  • Using The ECD to connect your people and teams
  • Emotional leadership
  • The realness of emotional contagion and how it impacts our teams
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The Better Work Project Podcast by SoftEd

Reposted from SoftEd Learning Hub

What happens when you unleash emotions in the workplace? In this podcast, we're joined by Jeremy Dean, founder of riders&elephants, to talk about engagement. We discuss why emotions are so scary to talk about at work, why we should do it anyway, and how we might build workplaces that perform at both a human and business level.

Listen to the conversation here.
Here's a little summary of what you'll discover in this conversation:
  • Talking about emotions in the workplace is scary for the majority of people, but it's only scary because they are so misunderstood.
  • The emotional culture deck is a prompt for better conversations that was born out of seeing a more cynical approach to culture work.
  • Research out of Wharton and George Mason University has highlighted that most companies are less concerned with how people are feeling, or should be feeling at work, and more about a stated set of values and behaviours.
  • Research over the past 20...
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So you want to actually feel something meaningful in your work?

Jeremy was invited onto the SuperNova Podcast to chat with Lena Ski about emotions in the workplace and the story behind The Emotional Culture Deck. Check out the interview below.

Click here to listen to the interview:

So, you want your work to actually mean something huh? Something meaningful. Something worth waking up for. Something worth staying awake for. Something worthy of your client's needs. Something special. The founder of riders&elephants Jeremy Dean gets you and has got your back - and there's a group of us willing to have that convo with HR. Here's proof that your work can feel like play and do something epic without having to change the whole world. And it sounds a little something like this.

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The Culture Guy podcast interview

Thanks to The Culture Guy aka Benjamin Drury in the UK, for inviting Jeremy onto his podcast to chat about The Emotional Culture Deck amongst other things we're doing in the culture space at riders&elephants.

Listen to our interview here:

  1. Welcome – 1:00
  2. The Emotional Culture Deck – 4:40
  3. The Customer Experience Deck – 10:50
  4. It’s All History – 17:45
  5. Companies doing the stuff – 27:50
  6. Netflix Culture Deck – 31:40
  7. Lion Brewery Flexible Working – 33:05
  8. Autonomy and Flexibility – 34:30
  9. Check this out – Resources – 36:00
  10. Finishing up – 40:00

Show Notes

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