ECD Online Masterclass Registrations Open Soon – Unleash Meaningful Conversations and Discussions

Unleash Meaningful Conversations and Discussions 

Most of us have worked for a leader who created an environment that made turning up to work miserable and a chore. You probably know someone who, or maybe you've even quit a job because of the manager or leader. The plague of the emotionally unaware leader is rife across the globe. So much of the poor leadership we experience is because leaders lack emotional self-awareness and fail to understand how their mood affects the people they lead. 

This phenomenon is known as Emotional contagion. Where one person's emotions directly influence those of others. “Emotions travel from person to person like a virus," says Wharton management professor Sigal Barsade, the pioneer of the field of research on the affective revolution, the study of how people and organisations are inevitably affected by the emotions of those around them.

Emotional contagion has a significant impact on the performance of a company. Emotional contagion can spread both positive and negative emotions, and it can happen within teams and across an entire organisation.

For example, when a team leader expresses pride, joy, curiosity and inspiration, it can others are likely to catch those emotions and feel the same way, leading to increased motivation and collaboration. Conversely, if a leader openly expresses anger, frustration, worry, and fear, it can spread throughout the team and lead to poor performance. 

The same applies for customers, when a customer receives good service and experiences pleasant emotions, it will likely spread to the next customer and increase the likelihood of positive word-of-mouth.

Your customers and clients literally catch your emotions too. 

But how many leaders and consultants, do you know, aren’t aware of their emotional impact on the people they lead? Organisations that are aware of the potential impact of emotional contagion and take steps to promote positive emotions and behaviours are the ones that leave the biggest positive impact on people, and they remember and then tell others.

Inject The game into your training to help employees manage their emotions, encourage open communication, foster positive company culture, and implement customer service practices that prioritise empathy and understanding.

Using The ECD can transform how your team and clients communicate and build relationships with each other and their clients. The ECD is a communication tool that helps facilitate meaningful conversations and discussions.

Join The ECD Online Masterclass and learn how to unleash meaningful conversations and discussions with The Emotional Culture Deck.

Why join the ECD Online Masterclass Course and become an Elephant Rider?

The ECD Masterclass Course helps you master the foundations of The ECD...but then takes you deeper into the Emotional Culture Deck Universe – it gives you the tools and ways to use it, and how to engage clients to have conversations about emotional intelligence, emotions in the workplace, and its impact on teams and people.

Throughout the Masterclass, I share the most profound lessons and experiences I’ve had over the past six years using The ECD to humanise workplaces.

Plus, in The ECD Online Masterclass Course you: 

  • Go deeper on the topic of emotional culture, in your own time, at your own pace.
  • Take what you learned and immediately apply it with your people and clients.
  • Become part of a supportive, global community working to humanise the workplace.
  • Demystify how people bring our emotions and humanness to work – in a non-threatening way that nudges vulnerability and empowers people.
  • Get equipped to run the #1 culture workshop in the world and help you play, improvise, and co-create using The ECD with your teams or clients in other ways.

What does the Masterclass Course offer? 

  • Complete The ECD Online Masterclass Course and become an ECD Qualified Practitioner,
  • The ECD Solo Pack (99 USD)
  • The ECD Starter Kit
  • 11 core video lessons (plus bonus tips and the most recent ECD case study videos)
  • Access to our online Elephant Rider Community
  • Invitations to join ECD Masterclass (virtual Meetups where you can meet and interact with other Masterclass participants in your cohort, ask questions about The ECD and learn from our Elephant Riders Mentors – experts in Emotional Culture in the workplace).

Course Objectives:

  • Learn why Emotion matters in the workplace
  • Understand how Emotional Culture is different from Workplace Culture
  • Understand why we designed the Emotional Culture Deck
  • Learn how to facilitate the #1 ECD Team Culture Workshop
  • Learn how to nudge people to be more open and vulnerable with each other through play.

Course Lessons at a glance: 

  • Introduction - An introduction to Emotional Culture in the workplace and why emotions matter.
  • Section 1: Set up for success - Get comfortable with playing The ECD and learn how to create a safe, supportive workshop environment.
  • Section 2: The heart of The ECD workshop - Learn how to run the 'Map your Emotional Team Culture' Workshop, even if you feel nervous about trying.
  • Section 3: Make it tangible - Learn how to craft Emotional Culture within your teams, organisations and for clients.
  • Section 4: Other ways to use the game - Learn how to apply this game and Emotional Culture theory in different ways.
  • Course Conclusion: Wrap up with reflections summarising your key takeaways and highlighting your plans for the future. 

P.s. 87% of people who register for our course complete The Masterclass.

In comparison, the industry average of online course completion rate is between 5% - 15%, – which I humbly share to illustrate the success of our Masterclass course experience. When people start this journey, they commit to finishing it!

I’m constantly humbled by the reviews people share of The Masterclass. Check out what a few people have said below… 

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Generosity is at the core of everything we do at R&E. Invite a friend or colleague to The Masterclass and share the experience to make the learning experience richer and more rewarding. 

As you step into our Elephant Rider Community, we hope this offer fosters a spirit of sharing that you take forward in everything you do with The ECD.


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