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Here's what some of our latest Masterclass Cohort have had to say about The Masterclass...

This course is the course to end all naysayers of emotions do not belong in the workplace. I have heard that statement for years the reality is we are all human beings and we are made of a variety of emotions we experience on a daily basis that can change from moment to moment, from each interaction we experience, this course gives us the opportunity to not only know ourselves better but also the ability to know others, to build trust and rapport with each other and build real understanding and practice empathy which creates genuine connections with people. It is all about humanizing the workplace because it is the right thing to do and today the most critical thing to do to create psychological safe environments. Personally I cannot wait to get started and ride the elephant!
– Jennifer Nixon

I have loved digging deeper into our emotions at work; and learning about how to facilitate vulnerable, constructive, and authentic conversations about our emotional lives in the workplace. I was a bit nervous about online course content (I'm an IRL person) but the videos, readings and activities are so thought-provoking and alive that I hardly felt like I missing out on anything. Now to get out there and have a crack at this thing! Scary/exciting/awesome
– Kushla Egan

It's been a long time since I've participated in a training course that promoted so much self-reflection and actually significantly changed my ways of thinking/working. I'm feeling determined and energised, excited for opportunities to share my learnings and promote authentic workplace conversations. 
– Autumn Pierce


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