From Play to Profound. The Science of Emotions at Work with Wharton.

Seriously scientific! We're at an inflexion point in the evolution of our community (and business). People who do serious science are seriously interested in our sanely simple game. So we're now bringing even more serious and comprehensive science to it.

On the surface, our game might not seem serious or even scientific. Even calling it a 'game' might lead people to believe that it's not serious. We're serious about it. We have over a thousand ECD Practitioners and Consultants around the planet who are serious about it. The impact of the tools and methodologies we use is serious. Now, other people who do serious science are also serious about what we're doing.

We feel ecstatic, proud, and humble to say we're partnering and collaborating with Michael Parke, Assistant Professor at Wharton Business School, to officially study the impact of affect labelling and The ECD at work. We kicked off our first pilot study earlier this month. We feel optimistic that this is just the first of numerous pioneering research projects together that will help advance what we know about labelling, expressing, and shaping emotions at work using our sanely simple but powerful Emotional Culture Deck.

Watch this space. We're going to have to science the s**t out of this!

What we now know about emotions. There is increasing evidence to show that the emotional culture of an organisation influences employee satisfaction, burnout, absenteeism, teamwork and team performance, and ultimately, financial performance. Download the ECD PDF for free and experience the powerful simplicity of our unique approach:


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