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Bringing out your inner facilitator

People often tell us that facilitating scares them. They’re worried about controlling a room of people, or ensuring that those people get real value from their sessions.

The good news is that great facilitation is something many of us can learn. And the Online Masterclass Course is a great way to focus your facilitation skills to get the most out of the Deck for everyone involved.

Why it works – in their words

We get tons of feedback from people who’ve done the Online Masterclass Course about how it has helped them. If you’re wondering whether you’re going to get everything you need, please take a few minutes to read a small sampling of the comments we’ve received:

"I think at the beginning, I was having doubts and was anxious on how effective I would be, especially for my first sessions. The Course though emphasised practice and routine, and patience in failure in order to improve so, with that, I will just take my sessions one at a time with patience and growth in mind, while still trying to deliver the best that I can do."

"I had no confidence at all before the Course, as I was unfamiliar with the game and the process. I now feel confident to try it out on one of my clients, an organisation going through big changes."

"On a scale of 1-10, I think I went from 3 to 8. I’m still pretty nervous about running it but I think by getting the logic and seeing the process through the videos, it boosted my confidence. The tips and tricks discussed also helped me understand the possible scenarios and anticipate the challenges that may arise."

"I am confident that now I have all the tools I need. It changed because I need a structure or a leader's guide in order to feel confident and this Masterclass was very clear, structured and answered all my questions."

"Understanding the structure and flow of the workshop and also the facilitator's tips and tricks has increased my confidence. Using terminology such as let’s play, have fun, give it a go, has definitely reduced my anxiety as there is no wrong answer; it is about facilitating a safe and open space for participants to share their story"

"Jeremy breaks down the workshop in very practical and simplified steps. It is easy to understand the why we are doing it and how to do it. Before the Course, I thought the cards [were] just for self-discovery and [to] fix the gap, but now I learned that it can do so much more!"

"My confidence after the Course is miles higher because I understand what it's like to run through the questions a few times … Understanding more of the background and hearing stories of how the game has evolved, based on other companies using it and finding new ways, is exciting to imagine how we will continue to find new ways of using it"

"Before taking the Emotional Culture Deck Masterclass, my confidence to lead a workshop on emotional culture and related topics was relatively low. After completing these certificate programs, my confidence to lead a workshop has significantly improved."

"The Masterclass has given me a deeper understanding of how the ECD can be used, how to use it safely, supported with so many resources and so much learning, that I am now feeling more confident and ready to try it myself. The deliberate use of language such as game, experiment, try and have fun has also been helpful for me as a facilitator."

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Our Online Masterclass Course is the first step in becoming one of our globally recognised Elephant Riders. Over 1200 people have completed this Course. Become an Emotional Culture Deck Certified Practitioner and join our global Elephant Rider Community when you graduate. From there, choose to become an Emotional Culture Club Member and/or begin your next level of training to become a Certified Consultant.

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