Welcome to our latest ECD Certified Consultant Course Cohort!

A big welcome to our latest cohort of ECD Certified Consultant Course participants! Over the past two weeks, these inspiring individuals have begun their journey to becoming global emotional culture leaders.

  • Sarah Dena – England
  • Claire McKie – Australia
  • Safura Atan – Malaysia
  • Rita Prates – Portugal
  • Nike Lawal – England
  • Siobhan Barnes – Hong Kong
  • Robyn Mather – United States
  •  Marie-Claire Mclachlan – South Africa
  • Amie Myrick – United States
  • Sonali Kumarakulasinghe – England
  • Daniel Corsen – Curaçao
  • Silvina Layani – Switzerland

Yesterday, we completed their ECD Consultant Intensives, the first part of three over their nine-month journey to become ECD Certified Consultants. Over these past two weeks, these inspiring humans have dived deep into our core ECD Frameworks, Emotional Culture Crafting, Emotional Leadership Development, Emotional Change Strategy, Emotional Values Design, and experienced first hand how vast the ECD universe is, discovering that it’s so much more than just a deck of cards. It’s a powerful framework and philosophy for both personal and professional growth.

This cohort represents a beautiful diversity, representing nine countries across the globe: Australia, Switzerland, Portugal, Curaçao, England, the United States, South Africa, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. Their varied backgrounds and experiences are going to enrich our ECD community and help spread the power of emotional culture worldwide.

This course is as much about self-discovery and learning from each other as it is about formal teaching. The generosity in sharing and the curiosity displayed over the last two weeks have been truly inspiring. Looking ahead, the next eight months will push participants out of their comfort zones. This part of the course is all about learning by doing – through trial and error, reflection, and repetition. The hope is that they feel inspired to design experiences that help others see things differently and rethink leadership, culture, and business challenges in their and their client's workplaces.

I feel humble, proud, inspired, encouraged and elated to have begun this journey alongside them, and I cannot wait to see the impact they will make in their respective fields. Here’s to pushing boundaries, embracing vulnerability, and leading with emotion. Let's continue to re-humanise workplaces and flip how the world feels, together.


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