Emotional Culture Deck Remote Teams Workshop

We're excited to share a complete guide and plan for running Emotional Culture Deck Remote Team Workshops without people needing physical cards!

Click here to download the ECD Remote Team Workshop Plan.

Over the past five months, Emotional Culture Deck adopters around the world have been running remote Emotional Culture Deck workshops with their dispersed teams. 

You can use this PDF and screen share your way through these ECD workshops with remote teams.

Here are the biggest lessons we've learned to date running ECD remote workshops:

#1 Simplify everything 100 per cent more than you think it needs to be. You might notice we’ve removed the card sorting aspect - and just get people to pick their top 5 from the entire stack.

#2 When running these ECD workshops remotely, break them into smaller 60 min (or 90 mins max) sessions. Try to avoid sessions that require more than 90 minutes of continuous screen time.

#3 As the facilitator show 200% more vulnerability than you do normally. It’s harder to set the tone when you’re not physically in the same room as your team, which makes it harder to express vulnerability – so really dial that up and set the tone from the outset.

#4 Start the workshop by explaining the session could be a “train wreck” compared to normal sessions. Or it could be even better than normal. Encourage everyone to treat it as an experiment – that way if it does go awry, you have set expectations. 

#5. Smaller breakout rooms are very powerful for story sharing so people have a bit longer to open up and ‘emotionally regulate’.

#6. Even though the workshops we've run have technically been about leadership and team culture, the wellbeing benefits of the sessions have been very evident. Lots of people have commented on how much they've enjoyed being able to talk openly and share their personal emotions with others in light of the current COVID-19 environment.


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