How to effectively follow up ECD Workshops


How to effectively follow up ECD Workshops might be one of the most common questions we get asked.

Recently, one of our Pro Elephant Riders aka Certified Facilitators, Lotty Roberts, shared her experiences and insights on how to best follow up Emotional Culture Deck Workshops.

In the past year, Lotty has run over 20 Emotional Culture Workshops. But it's the work she does post-workshop that caught our attention!

So it's exciting that Lotty has generously shared her tips and tricks on effectively following up workshops and continuing team engagement post workshops – so they become more than a cool one-off 'thing' teams do and then never think about again.

More about Lotty

Lotty is the founder of ‘Mind U’. She's a Change and Leadership Consultant with over 20 years of experience helping organisations work through and deliver change. So it's exciting to be able to learn from someone with experience in both change and The Emotional...

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An interview with St John UK Head of Learning & Development


Recently we chatted with Steven Hargreaves – Head of Learning & Development, St John UK and chatted about his experiences talking with people who are cynical about emotions at work and using The Emotional Culture Deck.

Steve attended The London Emotional Culture Deck Masterclass in June 2019. Since then, he's now facilitated over 27 workshops using The ECD and each time he's used it in a slightly different way.

Steve has also just graduated as our very first Pro Elephant Rider in the United Kingdom.

Hope you enjoy our conversation and the things we cover including:

  •  How The Emotional Culture Deck nudges psychological safety

  • Getting into the granular conversations about emotional motivations, drivers and blockers

  • Using The ECD as part of broader organisational workshops

  • What to do if you only have an hour – "we can still do some cool stuff with The ECD in an hour" 

  • Splitting ECD workshops into three sessions

  • How to capture ECD...

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