How Understanding Emotional Culture Can Lead To Change Program Success with Jeremy Dean

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"The conversation about emotional culture is so powerful and yet an often neglected aspect of the workplace. I hope you take so much away from Jeremy's insights and practical advice, highlighting the power of emotions in driving human behaviour and culture. It's clear that by embracing emotional culture, organisations can not only navigate change more effectively but also create a healthier and more empathetic work environment."

Introduction to the Podcast Episode

Emotions play a pivotal role in the workplace, particularly during times of change. When teams and stakeholders emotionally align with a strategic vision, change initiatives flourish. However, the topic of emotional culture is often pushed aside until emotions become problematic.

Recently Dr Kate Bryne had the opportunity to engage in a meaningful conversation with Jeremy Dean, the founder and creative force behind our company. We design straightforward, people-centered games that reimagine how individuals connect and develop. Our core mission is to rehumanise workplaces, and it's evident through the adoption of our games by top-tier organisations like IBM, Netflix, Airbnb, and the United Nations.

In our conversation with Jeremy, we probed the essence of emotional culture. We dissected its importance, contrasted it with cognitive culture, highlighted the challenges leaders frequently encounter, and delved into tactical strategies for weaving it into change management initiatives. Jeremy's wisdom and guidance for leaders and managers venturing into the occasionally uneasy domain of emotional culture is invaluable.

A key point of our discussion centered on The Emotional Culture Deck, a unique tool tailored to aid leaders and teams in comprehending, articulating, and navigating the emotions that arise during transitional phases. Jeremy underscored the need to define both desired and undesired emotions. This helps leaders construct a strategic path to steer their teams through emotional challenges accompanying change.

Initiating discussions on emotional culture might induce unease among leaders. Jeremy's suggestion is to begin on a modest scale, try out ideas with trusted colleagues, and leverage The Emotional Culture Deck as a conversational starter about emotions, bypassing potential barriers.

Jeremy emphasised that leaders should delve into their own emotional landscapes and embrace vulnerability. This introspection can foster empathy and strengthen team connections. The journey commences with self-awareness – leaders need to grapple with their emotions first to manage their teams effectively.

This conversation on emotional culture stands as a testament to its potency and often overlooked stature in the professional arena. We trust that you'll glean profound insights from Jeremy's expertise and actionable advice. The role emotions play in shaping human behavior and organisational culture is undeniable. It's clear that by embracing emotional culture, organisations can not only navigate change more effectively but also create a healthier and more empathetic work environment.

There are so many gems here. Take a listen now!

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