Facilitating F-Word Conversations with Jeremy Dean [Podcast]

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Emotions are messy — they’re big, powerful, and changeable. Facts and data are much more palatable — they’re truths and we can discuss our use of them.

But if an organisation is so focused on cognitive culture, they end up neglecting emotional culture. And that’s a sure path towards burnout, resentment, and employee turnover.

Cognitive culture is easy to default to, so how can organisations get comfortable with the discomfort of building a more emotional culture? Jeremy Dean has plenty of ideas — and a deck of cards to help any group navigate the process.

Find out about

  • Why we need to be brave to share our emotions at work — and why it’s worth the risk
  • How prioritising simplicity helps people get in touch with their emotions in unfamiliar spaces
  • What happens when we label our emotions with positive and negative language
  • How to facilitate daring conversations at work
  • Why we should celebrate the person who makes the first move
  • What to do when you’re facilitating a game as a beginner
  • Why it’s harmful that corporate culture prioritises cognitive culture over emotional

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