Let’s flip what the world feels

Sanely simple. Incredibly powerful.

Emotions drive life’s experiences. They can inspire and embolden people to push their limits or crush confidence and motivation, leading them to languish. Resolved, they are a marvellous force for good. Unresolved, they damage and vandalise human potential.

From workplaces to private lives, from where people earn to how they earn, mastering the “F-word" is truly a life skill.

Emotions can change the relationships humans have (with ourselves and others), the cultures we work in and the vocations we pursue. Understanding and tapping into everything that emotions can mean and do motivated riders&elephants, makers of the world’s leading prompted conversation starters, to develop The Emotional Culture Deck.

It remains our most popular offering. Today, over 400,000 people in 60+ countries around the world look to our simple and powerful card deck to change the world around them.

Emotional journeys.

As a company, we champion the power that emotions have to resolve so much in people’s lives. To prove it, the first experience is free. We invite everyone to feel the impact of emotions for themselves – by downloading the PDF version of our game for free,

Some will stop there. But others will press on, keen to see where this journey into responses can take them. For those explorers, we offer a stepped journey that enables them to apply emotional insights to their own life (individually), to their workplace culture (collectively) and even to their consulting practice (professionally). Through these different applications of The ECD, individuals can change the world around them.

Level up your feelings of success.


Understand what drives you personally in ways that are truly revealing. And as your understanding of the Deck expands, your ability to recognise and funnel emotions will transform how you assess your own responses. It will bring new awareness to your life and your relationships. It will enable you to put words to situations that crystallise how you are feeling in the truest ways.


If you are a leader or corporate professional responsible for building maximised teams, use the #1 game for better workplace culture to re-humanise your workplace. You can depend on The Emotional Culture Deck to create and amplify human conversations about what really matters in the workplace. Watch as The ECD fosters powerful trust within teams – introducing vulnerability, empathy, and connections to situations where no one has ever previously admitted how they are really feeling.


And if you are a coach or consultant who engages people with their emotions, the ECD will exponentially improve your success rates. Acquire emotional superpowers that will bring new life, value and depth to how you lead or your coaching and consulting practice. Armed with this disarmingly simple tool, you can reach team members or clients in new ways, change their lives and endorse your professional reputation.


Most importantly, you’re never alone. Throughout your journey with The Emotional Culture Deck, you can tap into supportive communities that enable you to share, learn, experiment and evolve your understanding of the Deck and how you can best use it to master the power of emotions.

Let’s flip what the world feels.

Imagine a world where millions more people, teams and organisations can have better, more emotionally aware days – where they feel acknowledged, accepted and free to state what is happening for them in the moment and beyond. If such a vision excites you, join us on our journey to bring out new conversations.

Start the journey to Mastery.

Our Online Masterclass Course is the first step in becoming one of our globally recognised Elephant Riders. Over 1000 people have completed this Course. Become an Emotional Culture Deck Qualified Practitioner and join our global Elephant Rider Community when you graduate. From there, choose to become an Emotional Culture Club Member and/or begin your next level of training to become a Certified Consultant.

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