Emotional Leadership

There is no one way to exercise leadership.

But emotion is critical.

Because emotion helps you understand who you are working with. It also helps you build relationships with your people based on who they are – not who you are.

Emotional leadership involves:

Awareness of the importance of emotions - yours and others - and their impact on individuals and the team as a whole. Then using that emotional awareness and understanding to shape the culture of the team positively

Understanding your people, where they are emotionally and being able to help them manage their unpleasant feelings and express pleasant feelings

Sharing your vulnerability and leading by permitting people to bring their whole selves to work

Creating an environment where people's feelings matter and it's safe to express themselves fully.
You - the leaders - set the tone.

You must bring your whole self to work. Separating yourself from leadership is not an option. Separating yourself from your emotions is not an option.

The way forward is to help your people discover what they need to feel to be successful and explore the undesired emotions that serve as a warning sign for trouble ahead

Emotional leadership is not weak.

Emotional leadership is strength.



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