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The ultimate leadership toolkit.

Join one of three ECD Have a Play Leadership Workshops coming up in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom:

  • Melbourne, November 2nd – Click here to register (Only 9 spots left)
  • London, November 3rd – Click here to register.
  • Wellington, November 21st – Click here to register.

What is The ECD Have a Play Leadership Workshop?

In this interactive and hands-on workshop, you'll learn how to use the Emotional Culture Deck in four key areas we believe are essential to human leadership: Effective Team Check-ins, Human-centred Leadership, Leading Change, and Impactful Stakeholder Relationships.

You’ll be posed a bunch of 'beautiful questions' to explore these areas and use the ECD as a tool to navigate these questions. It’s a ‘sandpit environment’ where you come along, get your hands on the deck and experiment and learn together. 

Presented by ECD Certified Consultants

ECD Have a Play Workshops are presented by ECD Certified Consultants. They each shape better organisations and teams in any environment through the lens of emotional culture. They are trained in the art of Emotional Culture Deck conversations and ready and able to help others develop better leaders and cultures at organisational and team levels. ECD Certified Consultants are independent partners of The ECD. 

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