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For Leaders, Coaches and Consultants who care about humanising the workplace. This half-day event is a must-have addition to your leadership development toolkit that you can use straight away and literally 'out of the box'.

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Upcoming Workshops

Melbourne, Australia
November 2, 2022

Presented by Lorissa Garcia

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London, United Kingdom 
November 3, 2022

Presented by Steve Hargreaves

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Wellington, New Zealand
November 21, 2022

Presented by Lotty Roberts

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Have the right tools on hand to help your organisation thrive

In this interactive and hands-on workshop, you'll learn how to use the Emotional Culture Deck in four key areas we believe are essential to human leadership. You’ll be posed a bunch of 'beautiful questions' to explore these areas and use the ECD as a tool to navigate these questions. It’s a ‘sandpit environment’ where you come along, get your hands on the deck and experiment and learn together. 


how to use the Emotional Culture Deck in four key areas we believe are essential to human leadership: Effective Team Check-ins, Human-centred Leadership, Leading Change, Impactful stakeholder Relationships.


how to create more human and meaningful conversations in the workplace about culture and leadership that drives real change.


with the ECD. This workshop is not about theory and concepts. We want you to leave feeling CONFIDENT, BRAVE & INSPIRED to immediately go away with new skills that will shift the way you lead your people and teams.

The workshop is...

  • An introduction for workplace leaders, coaches & consultants to The Emotional Culture Deck
  • Practical, hands-on and interactive learning that will allow you to understand how you can level up your leadership by embracing the insight of emotions
  • A lesson in the four simple, yet powerful ways to use the game as a leader to get you started straight away
  • The quickest path to gaining confidence to play the game with your people, teams and stakeholders.
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The workshop is not...

  • Not a pathway to certification in The Emotional Culture Deck
  • Not teaching how to use the game as part of culture change
  • Not a lecture on the theory of the concept of emotional culture
  • Not a presentation of case studies (although ECD Certified Consultants are encouraged to share anecdotes and stories throughout the workshop about how they've used the ECD and the activities taught in the Workshop).
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Presented by ECD Certified Consultants

ECD Have a Play Workshops are presented by ECD Certified Consultants. They each shape better organisations and teams in any environment through the lens of emotional culture. They are trained in the art of Emotional Culture Deck conversations and ready and able to help others develop better leaders and cultures at organisational and team levels. ECD Certified Consultants are independent partners of The ECD. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Better workplace culture starts with the
F-word. Feelings.

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