Celebrating Steven Hargreaves: Europe's First Master Elephant Rider

It's with immense pride and joy that we announce a remarkable milestone in the Elephant Rider Community. Steven Hargreaves has officially achieved the prestigious title of Master Elephant Rider, a feat accomplished by only two others in the entire world!

Steven's remarkable achievement makes him the first Elephant Rider in Europe to have attained this elite status.

A Journey of Mastery and Dedication

Steve's journey toward ECD mastery began in June 2019 when he completed the ECD Masterclass in London. This turned out to be just the starting point for an extraordinary journey of expertise and leadership within the Elephant Riding Community.

Since completing the Masterclass, Steve has been nothing short of exceptional. He's facilitated an impressive 65 ECD Team Workshops, conducted dozens of ECD 1:1s, and hosted over 5 ECD Meetups. His contributions go far beyond numbers; his impact is felt in the transformations he has enabled in teams and individuals across the UK.

Moments That Stand Out: Steve's Reflections

When asked about moments that have particularly stood out in his journey, Steve had this to say:

"The first time I facilitated a 100-people ECD workshop, I felt overwhelmed, anxious, and unprepared. I thought I should have booked several other facilitators to help me out. The fear of failing in front of so many people was palpable. However, it all went exceedingly well. Everyone had a physical ECD deck in their hands, and I found that keeping things simple really worked. I've since run another four workshops of this size and feel confident and energized in facilitating them."

"Another significant moment was when I combined an ECD workshop with other frameworks and activities such as the Strength Finder Psychometric. The combination works incredibly well, and I now use it often. The ECD is just so flexible and can be combined with a plethora of other approaches."

Steve's Bright Spots: The Pillars of His Journey

When questioned about the biggest 'bright spots' of his journey, Steve was enthusiastic to share:

"The opportunity to design and deliver such a diverse range of workshops to a broad audience has been incredibly fulfilling. It's been a path towards helping people become more emotionally present at work and mitigating a culture of emotional suppression. Constant reflection has allowed me to hone and craft my practice, learning from both successes and failures. I’ve become a better facilitator in general as a result of the Master Elephant Rider journey."

"Sharing The ECD with people continues to be a complete joy. This is powerful work, and my focus on becoming a Master Rider has helped me build confidence and expertise in the area of emotional culture. It’s now a core part of both my business and my purpose."

Beyond the Skills: Mentor and Leader

Beyond his skills as an Elephant Rider, Steve has taken on the vital role of an official Elephant Rider Mentor within our community. His ability to guide, coach, and inspire others has established him as an influential leader in our community. Steve's unswerving commitment to the ECD craft and sharing his wisdom has helped inspire the next generation of Elephant Riders.

We're inspired, grateful, and proud to see where Steve's passion will take him and how many more lives he will touch and transform through his work.

Please join us in congratulating Steve Hargreaves on this phenomenal achievement. His relentless pursuit of excellence serves as an inspiration to us all.

Here's to many more milestones, Steve! 🐘🎉


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