Congratulations Denise Hartley-Wilkins: Our newest Master Elephant Rider!

master elephant rider Apr 09, 2024

We're super excited to share some extraordinary news – it has just hit a massive milestone within our Elephant Rider Community. She’s officially become a Master Elephant Rider, and that’s a big deal around here! 

For the past three years, Denise has been all-in, leading over 65 ECD Workshops, heaps of ECD Meetups, and countless one-on-one ECD sessions. Her commitment and dedication to The ECD have impacted the lives of so many and helped teams and leaders unlock what they’re truly capable of.

Denise joins the ranks of a very small group of Master Elephant Riders: Lotty Roberts, Kayleigh Woodings, and Steve Hargreaves who have all cemented their places as global emotional culture leaders.

When she looks back on her ECD journey, she’s quick to share some simple but profound advice,

"Just get started. Start playing and experimenting... Practice, practice, practice. I keep a deck, in each of my bags... Get comfortable with taking a leap and hacking...

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Celebrating Steven Hargreaves: Europe's First Master Elephant Rider

master elephant rider Sep 11, 2023

It's with immense pride and joy that we announce a remarkable milestone in the Elephant Rider Community. Steven Hargreaves has officially achieved the prestigious title of Master Elephant Rider, a feat accomplished by only two others in the entire world!

Steven's remarkable achievement makes him the first Elephant Rider in Europe to have attained this elite status.

A Journey of Mastery and Dedication

Steve's journey toward ECD mastery began in June 2019 when he completed the ECD Masterclass in London. This turned out to be just the starting point for an extraordinary journey of expertise and leadership within the Elephant Riding Community.

Since completing the Masterclass, Steve has been nothing short of exceptional. He's facilitated an impressive 65 ECD Team Workshops, conducted dozens of ECD 1:1s, and hosted over 5 ECD Meetups. His contributions go far beyond numbers; his impact is felt in the transformations he has enabled in teams and individuals across the UK.

Moments That...

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Salute to our newest Master Elephant Rider: Kayleigh Woodings Reaches the Apex of The Emotional Culture Deck

Huge cheers and congratulations are in order for Kayleigh Woodings, who has just achieved the crowning glory in our Elephant Rider Community, becoming a Master Elephant Rider

By achieving this prestigious accomplishment, Kayleigh joins Lotty Roberts as one of only two Master Elephant Riders in the world.

Reaching this status epitomises understanding and mastery in crafting emotional cultures – an art Kayleigh has truly made her own.

Over the past 24 months, her journey has been nothing short of spectacular.

She's facilitated a stunning total of 65 ECD workshops, lent her expertise to dozens of leaders through 1:1s and stirred up inspiration at five (but potentially more) ECD Meetups.

Kayleigh began her Elephant Rider journey at the beginning of 2020 and went on to become an ECD Certified Consultant later in 2022. Kayleigh has been a beacon of dedication to The ECD and helping rehumanise workplaces.

Her reach has been as diverse as it is impressive. Whether it was financial...

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