#thecxdeck successfully funded on Kickstarter

We feel incredibly humbled and grateful for all the support from all our backers and the team we worked with to successfully fund and launch The Customer Experience Deck on Kickstarter a couple of months ago (check out the campaign here).

Apart from all the people who backed the campaign – there are a few people we really want to thank for their help to bring The CX Deck to life.

Couch Kumara and Finn O'Connor are simply the easiest and most down to earth videographers going around, Chris Warne from ADNA breathed life and energy into The CX Deck through his audio brand work, Colin Rowsell from Man on Fire helped us articulate and voice our ideas. Bonnie Beattie captured Meritxell Gràcia's beautiful design which helped form the heart of this whole project!

We're not sure this project would have the same impact without all the work from these talented people.

We can't thank them all...

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