Choosing the Right Deck: Navigating Individual Wellbeing vs. Team Culture

Navigating the intricacies of organisational culture and individual wellbeing often raises numerous questions. A frequently asked question that we get asked is,

"I've recently purchased both the Wellbeing Deck and the Emotional Culture Deck. I'd love to know your thoughts on when to use one set over the other." 

Whether you're centred on personal health or keen to enhance team dynamics, discerning the optimal scenarios for each deck can be pivotal. The Wellbeing Deck and The Emotional Culture Deck are powerful tools designed to address organisational health and individual wellness.

The answer to these types of questions is always "it depends." It depends on what you're trying to achieve. What problem you're trying to solve? Why are you injecting these tools into your teams and organisation?

But here's a breakdown to guide you when you might opt for one over the other:

  1. Purpose & Focus:

    • Wellbeing Deck: Use this when your primary goal is to address individual health and wellness. This deck is designed to dive into personal habits, routines, stressors, and overall well-being, making it an ideal choice when the focus is on boosting individual health and morale.
    • Emotional Culture Deck: Turn to this deck when the objective is to uncover and shape the emotional culture within teams or the entire organisation. It's tailored to exploring collective feelings, team dynamics, and the emotional environment.
  2. Organisational Concerns:

    • If there's a palpable tension or disconnect within teams, or if you're undergoing significant organisational changes, The Emotional Culture Deck can help address these challenges by facilitating open discussions around stream culture and organisational dynamics.
    • If the primary concern is burnout, high turnover, or individual dissatisfaction, The Wellbeing Deck can effectively address personal well-being and work-life balance.
  3. Intervention Level:

    • The Emotional Culture Deck can be the tool of choice for team-building sessions, group retreats, or when trying to foster a cohesive and emotionally aware team environment. But equally, it's a beautifully simple 1:1 self-awareness development coaching tool.
    • The Wellbeing Deck can be more fitting for one-on-one coaching sessions, personal development plans, or individual feedback scenarios.
  4. Initiating Conversations:

    • If you're introducing these concepts for the first time, The Wellbeing Deck can be a gentler introduction, as it begins with personal reflections before delving into group dynamics.
    • However, if you've already established a foundation for discussing emotions and team culture, diving straight into The Emotional Culture Deck can deepen those conversations.

Your choice between The Wellbeing Deck and The Emotional Culture Deck should align with your goals, the current state of your organisation, and the specific challenges you wish to address. While both decks serve the broader purpose of enhancing organisational culture and health, they offer different lenses to approach the challenge.


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