The Wellbeing Deck (prototype)

A card game about being ourselves - human, productive, and connected - however we are.

It’s hard to talk about emotions sometimes. Especially at work. What if we made the conversation easier and more empathetic?

The Wellbeing Deck is a tool for building simple, usable strategies that help you:

  • Understand your unique wellbeing patterns

  • Feel equipped to shift out of hard feelings as well as maintaining good wellbeing

  • Create pathways to receive and ask for support.

The Wellbeing Deck is designed with Tamara Buckland in partnership with riders&elephants, and now in the prototype testing stage and will be released in 2021.

We’ve partnered with Tamara Buckland to design The Wellbeing Deck

Tamara is the co-designer of The Wellbeing Deck. She’s strongly committed to helping wellbeing and mental health shift from ‘them’ to ‘us’ discussions in the workplace.  

Tamara has worked with NZ startups and technology companies...

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