Anna Clayton's Inspiring Journey to Specialist Elephant Rider Status


We’re thrilled to announce Anna Clayton's remarkable achievement in becoming a Specialist Elephant Rider! We feel proud and grateful for Anna’s incredible contributions to our Community over the past 18 months. Her infectious presence and relentless focus on placing the human at the core of her work are inspiring. Read more below about her journey to becoming our newest Specialist Elephant Rider.

We asked Anna about her three biggest lessons along the path to becoming a Specialist Elephant Rider, and she said:

“There are A LOT of emotions out there! I have learnt so much about individual emotions and as a result I have increased my emotional granularity. This has made me a better communicator and connector.

“Anyone can (and eventually will) talk about emotions. There were times I was nervous about facilitating with some teams or individuals as they were often quite 'closed'. I found out that although someone may appear closed they often have a lot to say about how they want to feel.”

“That starting with emotions speeds up almost any conversation. I have used this in coaching now for a while and I am still shocked how quickly it 'cuts the fat'.”

Anna's path to this achievement was marked by invaluable experiences and insights:

  1. In-Depth Exploration of Emotional Culture:

    "I have become comfortable doing things that previously caused some anxiety."

    Anna stretched her thinking, embracing challenges and stepping outside her comfort zone, especially in public speaking and digital engagement.

  2. Building a Supportive Network:

    "Finding my tribe... These meetings were so beneficial to spark new thinking and to build a supportive network."

    Her consistent engagement with fellow ECD enthusiasts helped in fostering a collaborative and nurturing environment.

  3. Valuable Lessons Learned:

    "Starting with emotions speeds up almost any conversation. There are A LOT of emotions out there! I have learnt so much about individual emotions and as a result, I have increased my emotional granularity."

Anna’s achievements and presence in our Certified Consultant Community have been pivotal in shaping the discussions and practices surrounding emotional culture and applying The ECD to rehumanise the places we work and live.


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