Unlocking Emotional Culture: How Senior Teachers Used The Emotional Culture Deck at the National Kindergartens Association Hui

The recent Hui for Senior Teachers from the National Kindergartens Association was a phenomenal success, thanks to the incorporation of The Emotional Culture Deck. This unique tool proved to be a game-changer for 50 passionate educators looking to advance both personally and professionally.

The workshop began with a "self-branding" exercise, allowing each participant to identify key traits they wanted to be recognised for, as well as traits they wished to avoid. Following that, The ECD Deck served as a reflection tool for the teachers, helping them evaluate their emotional state over the past week and set intentions for the upcoming week.

Perhaps one of the most powerful applications was its use as a strategy to manage challenging relationships. Teachers were encouraged to identify the feelings triggered when interacting with someone they find difficult and to come up with an actionable plan to re-approach that person without bias.

The ECD also aided in facilitating...

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