The next step to Mastery: Stories from Our Newest ECD Certified Consultants

Congratulations to our eight newest ECD Certified Consultants! Celine Sugay-Costales, Andrea Hancox, Roz Duffy, Danny Kwan, Danielle Swain, Vanessa Murphy, Jenni Sandford-Nedoszytko and Mattison Grey.

Each of you has demonstrated tremendous dedication, resilience, and passion over these past nine months, finally achieving the coveted Pro Elephant Rider Badge. We couldn't be more thrilled to welcome you to this elite group of professionals.

Our ECD Certified Course is an intense, immersive, and transformative journey. It demands commitment and calls upon the courage to venture into new areas of knowledge and personal growth. These eight individuals have now equipped themselves with valuable skills and a profound understanding of The ECD, ready to help create more emotionally aware cultures, teams and leaders.

Reflecting on their journey, these are some inspiring words shared by our newest Pro Elephant Riders:

  • "Nine months of hard work. There were ups and downs, ease and struggles, challenges and wins. Now, I am one of only three Pro Elephant Riders in the US. Emotions and emotional culture are the single most powerful drivers of human performance, and I am now equipped to steer this force."

  • "This course changes everything on what you think about ECD. It's not just a tool, and there is so much to learn. Through the challenges, you gain insight into what you are capable of. It's an unforgettable journey that everyone should be encouraged to take."

  • "Since starting the course, I now have 25 books and counting. I’ve liked connecting with others on my course from around the world because I’ve learnt a lot from them. Your passion for what you do, for the community and the impact you make in people’s lives. It’s one of the things I absolutely loved being on the course to experience."

  • "Something I thought was impossible, I made possible. I’m incredibly proud of myself and the journey of becoming a Pro Elephant Rider."

  • "Do it! It's life-changing - not just professionally but also personally. At the same time, be prepared for blog articles. 😅"

Their stories serve as a testament to the transformative power of the ECD Certified Course. We're grateful for their grit, their insights, and their relentless drive to innovate. They've pushed the boundaries of their potential and have emerged as leaders in their field.

To our newest Pro Elephant Riders, a massive congratulations once again. May this achievement be a launchpad for your continued success in The ECD. We're excited to follow the profound impact you're going to make on the people you serve, your businesses, and our wider ECD community.

For those of you reading this and considering embarking on this transformative journey, we echo our graduates' sentiment: "Just do it!" Your future self will thank you for the invaluable knowledge, growth, and network you'll gain from this transformative experience.

Our revised ECD Certification Pathway is an amazing journey where you unlock seven distinct badges on your way to Master Elephant Rider status. With each badge, you gain more knowledge and skills to shape emotional culture, growing recognition of your knowledge, and the ongoing support and resources of our wonderful ECD Community.

From the moment you receive your initial Elephant Rider badge, you’re part of our warm and insightful communities. These dynamic, global groupings bring people with a passion for the ECD together to meet, interact, post learnings, and ask and answer questions. Being active in our communities will exponentially improve your success and bring new life, value, and depth to how you master your emotions.

Join us in making emotions and emotional culture the driver of human performance worldwide. Begin your journey with The ECD Certification Pathway and become a part of our thriving global community. You're never alone on this journey; we are here to support, guide, and celebrate with you every step of the way.

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