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¬†Many of us struggle to express how we really feel day to day.¬†The Emotional Culture Deck gives voice to our emotions. Within a few minutes, it lets you start to put everything you are feeling on the table ‚Äď and through that, to grasp immediately and deeply how your emotions are driving how you live and work.

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In your workplace, The Emotional Culture Deck will help you drive bottom-up change about what really matters by stimulating face-to-face conversations about culture and leadership. Some of the world’s biggest and most successful cultures trust this simple yet powerful and flexible tool to nudge vulnerability, build empathy, create connections and foster trust within any team.

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What we now know about emotions

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Sharing experiences throughout our communities

Perhaps the greatest reward for those choosing to engage more deeply with our ECD is the opportunity to join our communities. These highly supportive networks offer everyone the chance to learn more, play better and glean the greatest benefits from the Deck. United by our shared mission to re-humanise the places we work and live, communities enable you to apply emotional insights to your own life, to workplace cultures and to your coaching and consulting practice.

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Melissa Cantell – Chief Operating Officer

"I had some very experienced people telling me that this was the most meaningful leadership conversation they've ever had in their career." 

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Richard Gilhooly – GM People, Safety & Wellbeing

"The Emotional Culture Deck is a powerful way to make empathy a key part of how you deliver success."

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Eva Perrone – Innovation Manager, KPMG Enterprise

"Such an awesome experience. People found it really engaging and naturally opened up conversations that we haven't had before."

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