Milestone Alert! Introducing ECD Emotional Leadership Practitioners

This week marked a significant moment in our journey at riders&elephants – we delivered the first-ever ECD Emotional Leadership Course! Congratulations to these 12 amazing individuals who are now the first ECD Emotional Leadership Practitioners in the world, equipped with the tools and knowledge to establish healthy emotional cultures and create more emotionally aware leaders and teams.

This course is just the beginning. It's one of three new ECD Courses we’ve designed that will soon be available as both online and on-demand learning experiences as well as in-person learning experiences, exclusively delivered by our global network of ECD Certified Consultants – officially trained and recognised by riders&elephants.

Reflecting on our journey to this point, we launched our ECD Online Masterclass Course four years ago. This has been our sole official ECD offering, and the only pathway to becoming Certified. But now, we're on the cusp of something groundbreaking.

We’re excited to expand our horizons and offer new opportunities for leaders and organisations across the globe. To help leaders, coaches and consultants to embed emotional culture crafting, emotional leadership development, emotional change strategy and emotional stakeholder engagement practices inside their organisations and for their clients.

Curious to learn more about the ECD Emotional Leadership Course? Click here >

Stay tuned over the next three months for more updates as we get closer to launching our new ECD Courses. We'll share how you can join one of our new courses or invite one of our ECD Certified Consultants into your organisation to officially certify your leaders and shape emotionally aware leaders and teams.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us on this journey so far. We've come so far in such a short period of time. Slowly, leader by leader, workplace by workplace, we're flipping how the world feels, creating more emotionally aware people, leaders, teams, and communities.

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