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The ECD Masterclass gives you the complete, easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach to crafting emotional cultures within any team and organisation.

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Whether you’re starting from scratch or want to grow your ECD knowledge, this is the exact certification that will help enhance your reputation and make a powerful difference for the people you serve. 

The very real rewards of belonging

Over 1200 people have completed the ECD Online Masterclass Course to date. Most of those people are active community members – meaning you have access to an extraordinary pool of working knowledge.

Level up your feelings of success.

When you join The ECD Online Masterclass, you will not only embark on a professional learning journey.

You'll begin to understand what drives you personally in ways that are truly revealing.

And as your understanding of The ECD expands, your ability to recognise and funnel emotions will transform how you assess your own responses.

It will bring new awareness to your life and your relationships.

It will enable you to put words to situations that crystallise how you are feeling in the truest ways.

If you are a leader or corporate professional responsible for building maximised teams, use the #1 game for better workplace culture to re-humanise the place they work.

You can depend on The Emotional Culture Deck to create and amplify human conversations about what really matters in the workplace.

Get the cards out with your people and teams, and watch as the ECD fosters powerful trust within your teams – introducing vulnerability, empathy, and connections to situations where no one has ever previously admitted how they are really feeling.

Don't take our word for it!

We know from thousands of stories and reviews like these that The ECD helps people re-humanise the places they work.

You can depend on The Emotional Culture Deck to create and amplify human conversations about what really matters in the workplace.

And if you're a coach or consultant who engages people with their emotions, The ECD will exponentially improve your success rates.

Acquire emotional superpowers that will bring new life, value and depth to how you lead your clients and their teams in your coaching and consulting practice.

Armed with this disarmingly simple tool, you can reach team members or clients in new ways, change their lives and endorse your professional reputation.

Most importantly, you’re never alone.

Throughout your journey with The Emotional Culture Deck, you can tap into supportive communities that enable you to share, learn, experiment and evolve your understanding of the Deck and how you can best use it to master the power of emotions.

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