Celebrating 1000 ECD Practitioners & Certified Consultants!

Today, our community officially reached 1,000 Elephant Riders. That means 1000 people have completed The Emotional Culture Deck Masterclass. 

We now have ECD Practitioners & ECD Certified Consultants in 36 countries around the globe 🔥💥. 

It's humbling to say you'll find Elephant Riders in: New Zealand, Australia, England, Canada, United States, Singapore, Switzerland, Columbia, Oman, UAE, Germany, Romania, Ireland, Netherlands, Croatia, Papua New Guinea, Scotland, India, South Africa, Portugal, Slovenia, Finland, Norway, Malaysia, Mauritius, Hungary, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Spain, Italy, Jordan, South Korea, France, Ghana, Hong Kong, and Philippines.

The ECD is so much more than a deck of cards. 

We've unexpectedly built a global community of the most human and empathetic leaders on the planet.

Thank you to every single one of our Elephant Riders for joining us on our mission to humanise the workplace.

All of you leapt into the unknown, faced your fears, learned to see things differently, and took action to create positive change, while others have waited to see if this game is what we all say it is.

We feel grateful and inspired by your generosity and curiosity in helping us build the world's leading Community for Emotional Culture Experts 🌎

We never imagined in our wildest dreams we would have this many leaders complete our Masterclass Course from so many different countries on the planet. 

It's a powerful proof point that emotions don't discriminate across borders.

We've learned that people EVERYWHERE, want to talk about emotions, but they don't know how. 

We want to remove all barriers to people expressing themselves in the workplace. 

To help people speak their truth through simple, powerful words. 

To give people the words to tap their emotions and challenge and shift behaviours.

The ECD is now translated into seven different languages so we can make these conversations even more accessible.

There are too many people on this journey to thank personally for helping us get to this point. But there are three special people whom I have to acknowledge. Thank you Lotty RobertsSteven Hargreaves & Lorissa Garcia. Thank you for being such inspiring Elephant Rider Mentors. Thank you for being such generous and welcoming humans and guiding our community through their ECD learning journeys.

It still feels like we're only just at the beginning.

Imagine the collective impact we can have as our community grows and we learn even more than we know today.

As we grow together and continue to learn from one another, we look forward to celebrating more of our bright spots and collective successes with The ECD and beyond.

If you're wondering what are Elephant Riders? Or, What can I do to become one of the world's most empathetic leaders?

Click here to learn more about The Emotional Culture Deck Accreditation.


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